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Chapter 1090: Resound Like Thunder

She was very glad to have been reborn at a young age.

There were many things that she could start over with.

Moreover, she could even reshuffle her fate and her life.

At this young age, she had met the best person it was possible to meet, and shed changed her dreams, filled with new faith and determination.

Huo Tingxiaos eyes darkened as he stared at the darkness on her face and the sharpness that flashed past in her eyes.

He raised his eyebrows and hid the deep meaning that he had uncovered in his eyes.

This young girl was already starting to show signs of being polished by the Young Commander.

Her eyes were more determined and piercing than when they had first met.

When hed heard from the Young Commander about her plans and her arrangements to overturn the balance of power in Jingdu, hed felt like he had to look at this girl in a different light.

There were almost no loopholes in her plan.

In fact, her methods were extraordinary.

Even the three of them working together might not have been able to come up with such a plan.

Not to mention that if they had wanted to do it, they were unable to do it.

Even those in power would have been afraid to contemplate such extreme actions.

The consequences of all this disturbing of the order were definitely not something an ordinary person could deal with.

But what do you know, that brat Mu Feichi had agreed to her demands without the slightest hesitation.

He would shoulder the storm with her and overturn the structure of power in Jingdu together with her.

Hed suspected that love had dulled the clever mans intellect, and it was evident to him that hed lost track of what was going on.

But now that he had met this girl, he felt that all these plans of her were not an unrealistic fantasy.

She knew what she wanted to do and what she wanted to achieve by it.

If she succeeded in doing it, then Yun Xis name in Jingdu in the future would resound like thunder.

Even if she did not have a good family background, she still had the qualifications to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Young Commander and become his wife and someone who could stand on her own and did not need his protection.

She was working hard, working hard to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Young Commander.

An evenly matched love was the most enviable…

Now that he thought about it, he was rather envious of that lad.

“Im only one of the beneficiaries.

Regarding your plan, you have to be aware of the current situation of the Qiao familys side branch, so I wont hide anything from you.

However, you cannot underestimate those old foxes of the Qiao family.

The Qiao family has kept a low profile for so many years, and they have only started to show themselves now.

Those in power will definitely have some tricks up their sleeves.”

Yun Xi nodded, accepting the document he handed over.

“I know.

I never dare underestimate my opponents.”

“Thats good!” Huo Tingxiao could not help but tease her when he saw her looking down and flipping through the proposal that contained various information.

“Can you understand it”

At her age, it would not be easy for her to understand these data and professional terms.

However, the girl sitting before him was not destined to be an ordinary person.


I just need to know the progress.

I dont need to know the other details.”

Her ultimate goal was to get the Qiao family side branch to cooperate with the Huo Corporation.

She did not care about what price the Qiao family branch had to pay or what benefits they would gain from the collaboration with the Huo Corporation.

She was only giving the Qiao family side branch a chance to rise against the main family.

In the future, she would completely replace the main family from occupying a place in Jingdu.

She didnt have much experience in business and consequently didnt know much about it.

Anyway, with Gu Baifan around, there wouldnt be any problems with the Mu Corporations operations.

Moreover, with Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiangs help, she was not worried that she would lose out.

To help her, Mu Feichi had practically sacrificed the entire Mu Corporation to let her do whatever she wanted in Jingdu.

If she failed to live up to his expectations, she would be letting down his trust.

“The collaboration for the old town redevelopment project is still confidential.

Ive already asked the Qiao familys side branch to use one of the companies under them.

Even when the project is completed, we wont expose the collaboration between the Huo Corporation and the Qiao familys side branch.

You dont have to worry about that.”

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