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Chapter 1093: Insider

Lying on the carpet, Mu Feichi raised an eyebrow as he looked at the devil sitting on him.

“Oh Whats happening here, babe”

He wrapped his hands around her slender waist, his eyes sparkling with burning passion as he looked at her with a half-smile.

The passion in his eyes could almost set Yun Xi alight.


If this will get you to talk seriously then I dont mind sitting on this human cushion.

Its a comfortable seat anyway.”

Yun Xi positioned herself proudly on his waist, although avoiding his important parts.

Looking down from her elevated position, she continued, “Can we talk business now”

“Sure, lets continue.” Mu Feichi reached out and grabbed a cushion from the sofa and put it behind his head.

His happy gaze fell on Yun Xi.

He realized that he quite enjoyed being in this position as they conversed.

They were not ordinary people, and this way of communication was more suitable for them.

If it had been any other woman, she would have been embarrassed and stunned by his open and unashamed feelings.

But Yun Xi knew how to retaliate, and her methods were on a higher level of brazenness than his.

This filled him with pride and satisfaction.

Moreover, her retaliations were worth the wait.

“So about the Han family…”

“Han Yaotian has started to take control of the company by extending his networks.

He has pulled all the veterans under his wing.

Compared with Han Zhongteng and Han Wanling, his tactics are much more sophisticated.”

“So Han Hongbin had been closing an eye to his behavior”

“Correct! Han Hongbin had been training him as his heir.

He may be the son of a mistress, but he is still a son.

Compared to Han Wanling, a son had more utility.”

“He is definitely an actual son, no doubt about that.

If Han Wanling ever returns and learns about how devastating this situation will be for her, she might start crying.”

If she had not plotted against Mu Feichi and offended Yun Xi, she would not have been exiled from the country.

Even if she had left Han Zhongteng and Liang Xinyi as her surveillance cameras within the country, she had already lost control of the situation.

Han Wanling had underestimated Han Zhongtengs ambitions as well.

He would not trade the opportunity to be the head of the Han family for any small benefits from Han Wanling.

It was a tradition that the head of the family would be passed to the eldest of the children.

However, there were no rules stating that could not change, and there were no rules forbidding any under-the-table tricks.

Han Yaotian was the perfect example.

If he wanted to overcome his stigma of being an illegitimate child, he needed substantial standing in the Han family.

“No point in crying.

It was her own fault for offending my sweet girl.” Mu Feichi squeezed the sides of Yun Xis waist gently.

“She dug her own grave for angering my baby.”

“I have a request to make.

Could you assign some intelligent men to me I have some use for them.”

“Why Is there danger around you”

“No, I just want them to follow Qiao Ximin and Liang Xinyi around.

I need to know their every move during the next few days.”

“Sure, no problem at all.

I will give the order, and they will report to you directly.”

“Theyre your men, Young Commander.

Are you sure it wont affect your image in your subordinates eyes Between you and your men, Im an outsider.”

Yun Xi lifted her hands as she poked Mu Feichis chest.

Her expression remained serious as she repeated her words for emphasis, “…an outsider.”

In Mu Feichis eyes, Yun Xi was everything but a stranger.

She could say anything and request anything from him.

In fact, he was not worried at all by anything she did, not even if she would grow ambitious for his power.

Looking at the slender finger poking his chest, Mu Feichi moved slightly and brought a hand around her wrist.

He pressed her hand down on his chest and replied, “Youll be part of us soon.

And when that time comes, youll be a person on the inside, not an outsider.”

“I see you learned your English, huh”

A person on the inside had a double meaning.

One meaning was an individual who was inside an operation, and another meaning meant as ones wife.

How could he use this word so frivolously, Yun Xi thought.

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