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Chapter 1095: True Meaning of Cruel

Two phrases played over and over in Han Zhongtengs mind.

One was “lifes fate” and the other was “lack of self-respect”.

He recognized how self-demeaning it was to like someone as shameless as Liang Xinyi.

But he was weak for her, especially when she put on such a brave front despite having been humiliated.

He felt his self-respect leave his body.

Most men were obsessed with the purity and virginity of their women, but somehow he had set his sights on someone like Liang Xinyi.

Nevertheless, their exchange was purely transactional.

There was something she wanted from him, and there was something he wanted from her.

It was business.

Lust was a part of the biological man after all.

Han Zhongteng saw value in investing in these exchanges between the two of them.

The other men in the private room watched as Han Zhongteng hurriedly left with the young girl.

They all knew that Young Master Han was too far gone.

The black sports car raced through the night to a woody area not far from the city center.

Liang Xinyi gripped hard onto the seat.

Her nerves were strung tightly and her mind was racing.

The car finally slowed down and pulled to a stop at a curb on a quiet mountain road.

Liang Xinyi couldnt even catch her breath before Han Zhongteng unbuckled his seatbelt and pounced toward her.

By the time Liang Xinyi had processed that the car had stopped, her dress had been ripped off by Han Zhongteng.

He had positioned himself on top of her and moved without hesitation.

The limited space in the car made their movements awkward, but added to his excitement.

Time crawled by painfully, every minute felt like a month as Liang Xinyi submitted to him in order to gain the assistance she required.

This was not the first time she had offered herself to him in this kind of transaction.

She had delivered herself into his hands.

The man was a demon and her worst nightmare.

Every minute she spent with him added another layer to the hatred she felt toward Yun Xi.

Having finally satisfied himself, Han Zhongteng reclined onto the drivers seat and lit a cigarette.

“So, what do you need my help for”

“Help me find some junkie who has caught AIDS through drugs.”

“Why Why must you bother someone with AIDS Dont expect to see me again when you catch it.”

“I dont want to die yet.

I want Yun Xi to die!”

Liang Xinyi snapped her head around, her hate-filled gaze was sharp as a blade that could kill at first strike.

Yun Xi was the sole reason behind her current state.

Everything that had happened to her was a result of Yun Xis doing.

She would never accept her fate if she could not take down Yun Xi.

HMMM! “You sure are vile.” Han Zhongteng took a hard pull of his cigarette as he said, “But whatever you do, dont you dare pull me down with you.

Or my men will make you pay.”

“I know, I know! Stop meddling in my business!”

“But your tactics are not strong enough to bring down Yun Xi.

You need to strike hard, or Yun Xi will never give you a chance to recover.”

“I know! I will let her know the true meaning of cruel!”

Liang Xinyi bit down hard on her teeth.

She turned to face the pitch-black world outside the window.

The pain in her body was completely numbed by her feelings of hatred.

Yun Xi had just finished up an experiment in the lab.

As she washed her hands in the sink, she spotted a figure in black walking down the corridor outside the building.

The man was dressed head to toe in black: a black T-shirt, black slacks, and black running shoes.

However, the black clothing wasnt able to hide his tanned skin and his attractive face.

As soon as the man spotted her, he took off his black baseball cap and walked over.

He handed her a paper folder.

“Miss Yun, here is the information you requested about the two women.”

“Great! Thank you for your hard work.”

“No problem.

If theres nothing else, Ill be taking my leave.”

Without another word, the man handed the documents over and turned to leave, his figure disappearing quickly behind the school building.

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