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Chapter 1096: Ruined Plans

Yun Xi opened the leather case and glanced at the photos and the information on the person in the photos.

When she saw the words history of drug abuse and AIDS, she already had a plan in mind.

There was no such thing as coincidence.

She recalled the moment she had gotten Mu Feichi to suggest an anti-narcotics exercise to the President, and then the meeting between Si Wenxuan and Qiao Ximin.

And later on, the universitys anti-narcotics campaign, Qiao Ximins invitation to the art exhibition, and Liang Xinyis recent movements… None of these things were coincidences.

They were all linked.

All these things were inextricably linked together, and that was the real story behind the whole thing.

Among the string of people involved, Si Wenxuan outshone the others, yet the biggest winner would be Qiao Ximin.

Not only had she successfully sucked up to the Presidents daughter, but she was also getting a lot of favors from Liang Xinyi.

When the time came, she could step out to lend Liang Xinyi a helping hand and save Yun Xis dignity at the same time.

In the future, when the Qiao family needed her help, Yun Xi would return the favor for the Qiao family.

Qiao Ximin had sold Yun Xi out while pretending to protect her so that she would be indebted to her.

This deal was beneficial for her, no matter how you looked at it.

Yun Xi snorted coldly, and her gaze fell on the pictures of Liang Xinyi meeting with the HIV gangster.

In the pictures, Liang Xinyi was probably afraid of being infected or recognized, as she wore a mask to cover her face.

Even the other party could not see who she was.

Putting away the pictures and the information, she turned around and returned to the lab.

She called Yumo and asked her to arrange with the students from her department to arrive at the exhibition hall earlier than the time stated on the invitation.

She would then wait for Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximins show.

On the day of the art exhibition, it started to rain heavily.

The heavy downpour lasted from 8:00 to 9:00 in the evening.

Liang Xinyi prepared the video camera she had just bought and headed to the exhibition hall so that she would not miss the good show.

When she arrived, the exhibition hall had just opened.

Because of the rain, even fewer people had come.

It was still early at 8:00 pm.

Yun Xis invitation was for 9:00 pm so Liang Xinyi had had to come earlier to prepare her trap.

When Yun Xi and the gangster she hired arrived, the show would begin, and she would have time to film the video she wanted.

With the video and Qiao Ximins timely appearance, everything about Yun Xi would be exposed.

Because most people were waiting for the heavy rain to pass, those who were coming were later than usual and didnt hurry to get there in the rain.

Liang Xinyi hid behind a shelf in the exhibition hall.

She waited for a long time until she was about to fall asleep before she heard a noise outside the door.

She looked at the time.

It was almost 9:00.

Yun Xi had come so late, so she did not know if she had enough time to film the video.

She did not know if the gangster she had hired was here.

It was already time for their appointment.

If she didnt come soon then the other teachers and students would be getting there.

If she didnt have this chance to strike, she would miss a great opportunity.

However, she did not expect that the person who came was not Yun Xi, but rather…

It was the gangster she had hired!

The man was wearing a baseball cap, a T-shirt, and long pants.

He snuck into the room, and his shoes were wet from the rain.

They made weird squelching noises when he walked across the room.

Seeing him, Liang Xinyi suddenly ran out.

Why was this person so unprofessional He had taken her money, and then he had come so late, almost ruining her big plans.

Yun Xi still had not arrived, but there was not much time left.

She had to hurry and give him a few reminders to prepare for her plan.

Even if he did not succeed in completing the plan, he should at least let her film something.

However, just as she ran out, the gangster saw her and thought that she was the one he was going to rape today.

His clouded eyes instantly lit up.

The whole exhibition hall was silent.

She was the only girl there, and there was no one else but her.

It was clear to him that she was his target!

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