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Chapter 1097: Fear of Death

He had got the time and location correct.

The rain had delayed him slightly, but there was still sufficient time to finish what he had been hired to do.

It was not time yet for the exhibition.

He had not seen anyone along the way, and the person who had hired him had said that his victim would arrive half an hour early.

The timing was perfect.

He had not expected that he could land such a golden opportunity just because AIDS had sucked away his life.

Before Liang Xinyi could approach him, the man in the cap suddenly pounced on her.

Liang Xinyi was stunned.

Before she could react, the man suddenly covered her mouth and dragged her to the corner farthest from the door.

The man had an advantage in strength, and Liang Xinyi had been pampered since she was young.

She struggled with all her might, but he still managed to drag her into a corner.

“Stop…! What are you doing”

The moment the man let go of his hand to retrieve the duct tape in his pocket, Liang Xinyi screamed.

Her eyes were filled with a panic and fear that she had never experienced before.

She struggled to get up from the corner, but the moment she got up, she was pushed to the ground by the man, and in the next moment, he taped her mouth shut.

He must have committed a lot of crimes in the past.

The mans movements and strength were swift and ruthless.

With this push, Liang Xinyis back hit the wall, but the pain woke her up from her dazed state.

She mumbled incoherently against the duct tape and shook her head desperately.

However, the man was sure she was his target, so he did not care what she was saying.

He quickly grabbed the tape and tied her hands.

She had not expected things to turn out like this…

It was wrong! It was terribly wrong!

This should not be happening.

How could things turn out this way

His victim was not supposed to be her.

Why was he so blind

However, she recalled that when shed met this man, she was so disgusted that he had AIDS that she had resorted to wearing a mask the entire time so that she would not catch it.

He clearly did not know what she looked like.

Only now did she recall that she had not shown him Yun Xis photo.

She had only told him that he could directly attack the woman he saw in the exhibition hall.

However, she had never expected Yun Xi to be late.

Everything was not going according to her plan.

Everything was diverting off course.

She struggled with all her might and tried to stand up to escape.

However, the man kicked her to the ground again.

After being kicked twice in a row, she was in so much pain that tears fell from her eyes.

Looking at the man who was removing her clothes, she shook her head vehemently.

No! No!

Get lost! Get lost!

Even when Han Zhongteng had raped Liang Xinyi for the first time in her life, she had never felt so terrified.

The fear that seeped into her bones now made her feel like her whole body was submerged in ice.

The bone-piercing chill and fear assaulted and tormented her.

This man was an AIDS patient.

The thought that he could be carrying HIV all over his body made her tremble uncontrollably.

AIDS was a terminal illness.

If one got AIDS, one could only wait for death!

Back when shed found this person to rape Yun Xi, she had also considered this point.

However, she had never expected this type of mistake to happen.

This should not be happening!

The fear of death bit Liang Xinyi like a venomous snake, sending an icy shiver down her spine.

The will to survive when facing death made her struggle uncontrollably to free herself.

Even if she were to die, she must not die in such a dirty manner.

Her legs that she could no longer control kicked blindly at the approaching man with all her might.

As she kicked, she rolled and moved to the side, trying her best to escape from this scary dark corner.

She did not want to die.

She must not get AIDS.

Otherwise, this would ruin her entire life, and she would have nothing left.

She could not let this happen!

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