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Chapter 1098: Unbelievable Scene

Liang Xinyis hands were tied together, and her mouth was taped shut.

In desperation, she tried to use the wall to get up and run away.

Her pitiful, pleading look triggered the gangsters crazed nature.

Who would have thought that his victim today would be so pretty

There was no one in the exhibition hall at this time, and he had locked the door after he entered.

Even if she wanted to escape, she could not.

The man looked at her squirming body, and his mind started to imagine her writhing beneath him.

An evil smile spread across his face, and his rasping laughter echoed in the empty exhibition hall.

Summer clothes were thin and light, and Liang Xinyis dress had long been torn apart, leaving her only in her underwear.

Her white lacy bra and underwear were a stark white against her fair skin, and the sight aroused his primal desires.

The man grabbed Liang Xinyi, who was trying to get away, and tore off her clothes as he smirked at his good fortune.

This was probably Liang Xinyis biggest nightmare in her entire life.

She could not scream out loud, and her hands were tied behind her back.

The only body part she could move was her legs.

The moment he pulled her to him, she started to try to run for her life again.

The fear of death reaffirmed her determination to escape.

Even if she could not escape, she had to stall for time.

She could not let this demon touch her and taint her with HIV!

HIV spread through sexual contact.

As long as he did not touch her and she could stall for time until the rest of the guests arrived, she would be saved.

At this moment, she didnt care if she would be embarrassed or not.

She no longer cared if everyone saw how pathetic she was.

She only wanted to escape from this demon.

The man dragged her back again.

He leaned her against the wall and used his hand to press against her to prevent her from running away.

He had already tugged off her bra.

Because she was struggling with him, the swaying sight of her body before the man aroused him, and the visual stimulation made him suddenly go wild, just like when he was experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms.

The man lowered his head and nibbled her body hungrily…

Liang Xinyi kicked out her legs in fear.

Her eyes were filled with despair and deep, dark hatred.

The man held her shoulders firmly with one hand and separated her legs with the other.

He laughed wickedly.

At that moment, the door suddenly opened.

Hearing the sound, Liang Xinyi struggled even harder as if she had found a life-saving float in the middle of the ocean when she was drowning.

At the entrance to the exhibition hall, Yun Xi and Yumo had arrived with a bunch of other students.

This was the time Yun Xi and Yumo had arranged beforehand.

If they came after 9:30, then there wouldnt be any show to watch.

However, due to the rain, they had arrived a little later than they had expected.

The door was locked, but someone there had a key.

She opened the door of the exhibition hall and walked in.

However, to everyones surprise, they were treated to an unbelievable scene when the door opened.

Because of the commotion of everyone entering the room, the crazed man suddenly stopped what he was doing.

Some girls in the crowd screamed when they saw the man and woman who were barely clothed.

When one person screamed, the others followed when they realized what was going on, sending echoes of screams reverberating through the hall.

The gangster reacted quickly.

He immediately got up from Liang Xinyi and started to escape.

Yun Xis eyes were sharp, and her movements were agile and swift as she rushed forward.

She used her long umbrella to fiercely hook onto his leg.

He tripped and fell to the ground, and she kicked him fiercely in the groin.

The man clutched his groin in pain and collapsed to the ground, groaning in pain.

Yun Xi had gone all out with that kick.

The mans expression immediately changed, and he fell onto the ground, not even having the strength to run.

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