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Chapter 1099: Good Show

When the others saw what was happening, they wanted to arrest the perpetrator and prevent him from escaping, but Yun Xi suddenly shouted at them.

“Dont touch him! He has AIDS!”

No one dared to take another step when they heard this.

They knew very well what AIDS was.

Being infected was equivalent to the death penalty.

The few boys who had wanted to help apprehend the man retreated cautiously.

“You, call the police! Keep an eye on him, and dont let him escape!”

Yun Xi looked at the students beside her and gave them orders as she attempted to calm everyone down.

She turned around and glanced at a student in the crowd who was wearing a windbreaker.

“Please, take off your jacket.

All of you, turn your heads.”

Yun Xis decisive and sharp commands had an invisible yet intimidating power.

Everyone looked away and turned around, not daring to look at Liang Xinyi.

Holding the windbreaker, Yun Xi looked at Liang Xinyi, who had curled herself up in a corner.

She finally understood what was going on.

If not for the fact that she had swapped her invitation and realized that someone had switched the times, she would have been the one to suffer.

Liang Xinyi was the one who had found this man.

He was supposed to have attacked Yun Xi, but instead she had fallen into the trap she herself had set.

This was a case of poetic justice.

What was this called If one did not seek death, one would not die from the consequences.

She had wanted to ruin Yun Xi and kill her, but, in the end, she had been the one who had suffered the consequences.

Seeing that Liang Xinyi was in this situation, she concluded that her initial guesses were pretty close to what Liang Xinyis trap was supposed to be.

She had pieced together the plot from the photos and documents she had received.

Liang Xinyi wanted to get an AIDS patient to rape her.

Sexual intercourse was the easiest way to get infected.

Once she was infected, her life would be ruined for good.

Even in her previous life, no one had developed an effective cure for HIV.

There was only one outcome to this illness, and that was to wait for death.

Zhao Yumo looked at Liang Xinyis sorry state and remembered what Yun Xi had said.

She quickly pulled Yun Xi back.

“Dont go near her, Yun Xi.

What if shes infected with HIV”

“That wont be the case.

Even if shes infected, she would only be a carrier.

Other than a few special methods, its not that easy to infect others.”

Yun Xi patted Zhao Yumo on the shoulder and squatted down to tear the tape off Liang Xinyis face.

As soon as she could speak again, Liang Xinyi cursed at Yun Xi, “Yun Xi! I hate you! I hate you… Why wont you die”

Liang Xinyis hands were still tied with duct tape, and her face was wet with tears.

She looked terribly disheveled.

So many people had seen her in her semi-naked state, and to make things worse, she had almost been raped.

Now, she had really lost all her dignity.

When Yun Xi heard what Liang Xinyi said, she instantly tossed the windbreaker she was holding onto Liang Xinyis body.

All the students who were about to step forward to help were all frightened by Liang Xinyis vicious curse.

They were all thinking, “She just helped you, but you are so ungrateful What is the meaning of this”

Towering over her, Yun Xi looked coldly at Liang Xinyi in a condescending manner.

Liang Xinyis eyes were filled with resentment and hatred.

Yun Xis lips curled into a mocking smile, and the coldness and indifference in her eyes were as sharp as ice.

“Liang Xinyi, I told you a long time ago that if you do not seek death, you will not die.

You create all this trouble for yourself.

Lets see how youre going to clean up this mess.”

When the gangster, who had multiple umbrellas pointed at his chest, heard Yun Xi addressing Liang Xinyi, he finally realized he had mistaken his victim.

“Yun Xi, I dont understand whats going on.

What is happening Dont tell me youre saying that she found someone to rape herself Holy sh*t, this is explosive!”

Hearing this, Zhao Yumo immediately understood why Yun Xi had said there would be a good show to watch today.

So this was the good show!

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