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Chapter 1108: Cant You Admit You Worry about Me

A listening device would interfere with his personal privacy.

He saw no need to bring additional trouble to himself.

“Besides, what can a listening device do Can you hug it to sleep No thanks, I would rather be hugging you than some machine.”

He knew she was trying to avoid the topic, but if Si Wenxuan was ever mentioned, he would only stand on the side of his love.

“Ive already reported to the President about Si Wenxuan and asked him to discipline his daughter well.

Looks like she wont be appearing near you for a while.”

Yun Xi smiled and showed no intention to continue with this topic.

“Han Wanling returned at a good time.

She wants that project from the mayor, right I heard it started its bid.

If she was able to get this project from Han Yaotian, her return might give her a standing in the executive board and even a long-term stay.”

“Do you think its easy to just take whatever you want from Han Yaotians claws”

“Then Ill make it easy for her!”

HMMM “Dont you hate Han Wanling Why are you helping her Babe, you cant be so fickle!”

“But I hate Han Yaotian more.

If Han Wanling snatched the project, he would not back down.

I say we let the Han siblings fight and apply some family-induced headaches on Han Hongbin, who will be caught in between.

Who asked him to use that ledger as bait and even caused your injury.

Ive not gotten over this yet!”

From the moment the ledger from Han Hongbin landed in her hands, it became bait for Yun Xi and Mu Feichi to deliver themselves to unforeseen danger.

The times the two of them had narrowly escaped deaths clutches could all be attributed to this ledger.

She had held on to a grudge about the ledger, and it was impossible for her to let it go with ease.

“Are you worried about me, babe”

In the eyes of the man who had listened to her angry rambling words, he knew all of them were meant to express her worry for him.

She felt as if a school bully had hit on one of her children, and she needed to get back at the bully for the sake of justice.

Her unashamed declaration of protection was right up Mu Feichis alley.

Yun Xi pressed down on the hand that was ruffling through her hair fondly, her eyes fixed on him as she replied rashly, “Cant you let me be petty just this once”

“Nope, cant you just admit youre worried about me”

“Fine.” Yun Xi gave in too quickly, which made Mu Feichi doubt the sincerity behind her words.

“Of course I do worry about you, and if anyone tries to plot against you they will only have misfortune coming their way.”

Yun Xi stood up from the sofa with a HMMPF! “Now that Han Wanlings back, I have to be sharper to avoid being tricked again.”

“Im still here.

You dont need to live so carefully.

I wont let the sky fall on you.”

In their present status, they were fated to never enjoy the peace and tranquility of mundane everyday life.

But he still hoped she could live slightly happier.

“By the way, I heard from the etiquette teachers I hired for you that your etiquette looks as if it had been trained professionally before.

You did not need much teaching from them.

Have you studied it before”

His sudden question had thrown Yun Xi off her rhythm, and she hesitated slightly before answering, “I learned it online all by myself.

I didnt want to attend the socialite ball, but I am the eldest daughter of the Yun family and I knew I should learn etiquette to avoid embarrassing myself and you guys.”

There were no flaws with her explanation.

It was reasonable, and Mu Feichi did not see any point in asking again, so he changed the subject to how she intended to help Han Wanling.

“About the collaboration with the Mu Corporation, I heard that Han Yaotian had paid Gu Baifan many visits, but each time Gu Baifan never failed to vaporize into thin air.

If Han Wanling looked for him and he opened up, all we have to say to others is that she must have seduced him, no”

“If you say he was seduced, I think Baifan will murder you!”

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