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Chapter 1112: Taken for Granted

“Yun Xi! Yun Xi! You d*mn girl, stop right there!”

Liang Xiuqin chased after the car until she reached the road outside the campus.

Seeing that she could not catch up, she quickly hailed a taxi.

She panted heavily as she instructed the driver to chase after the car in front of them.

Sitting in the car, Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xiuqin, who was chasing after her in a taxi and chuckled.

“Miss Yun, are you returning to the apartment now”

“Im not going back yet.

My mother is chasing after me.

I dont want her to know where I live.

If I go there, she will come and make a fuss every day.

The Young Commander will be annoyed to death by her.”

“Then…well take a detour”

“My mom will definitely give up after a few rounds, and shell come back tomorrow.”

Because the taxi fare was expensive, Liang Xiuqin could certainly not bear to pay for it.

She would rather give up that day and return tomorrow to wait for her at the university entrance.

Yun Xi turned around to look out the window.

She asked casually, “Which part of Jingdu is remote and hard to find At night, you cant even get a taxi there, and its far from the villa residences”

Team Leader A thought for a while, then gave her a name.

“South of the city, about six miles from here… It looks like its very close, but there wont be many cars passing by once night falls.

Its quite troublesome to return to the villa residences from there, and the area is surrounded by construction sites.

It will be very difficult to get a taxi.”

“Okay, then well go there.” Yun Xi estimated the distance.

This distance was within the range that Liang Xiuqin could accept.

If it were any further, she would consider giving up.

She turned around and looked at the lights outside the window.

The tall buildings in the night were brightly lit, and they looked warm.

At that moment, she felt that the autumn weather had gotten extremely cold.

The car drove to the south of the city.

The southern part of the city was mostly deserted.

There were some uncompleted buildings and some unfinished construction sites.

Normally, few people would come here.

Yun Xi turned around to look at the car following behind her, her lips curling up in a teasing manner.

Her mother still had not learned her lesson after suffering so much from what Yun Xi had done to her.

Did she really think that it was so easy to take advantage of her

Or did she think that she would only be satisfied if she used up every bit of value of this useless daughter of hers

Every time Liang Xiuqin caused trouble, it was Yun Xi, her daughter, who had to clean up after her over and over again.

She had long since come to terms with the fact that Liang Xiuqin would not be grateful for anything she did.

However, Liang Xiuqin treated her like a tool that she could use, time and time again, and completely took her for granted.

This made Yun Xi very unhappy.

If just a little she had treated her like a daughter, she would not have refused to help.

The car stopped beside a muddy road.

Yun Xi pushed open the door and got out.

Liang Xiuqin paid the taxi driver and got out hurriedly, afraid that Yun Xi would run away again.

The taxi driver left.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Liang Xiuqin, who was rushing over.

“Mom, why are you following me all this way”

“I have something to ask you.

Didnt you hear me calling you from behind Why are you running away from me”

She had wasted lots of money on the taxi fare.

It was so painful.

“I came here with a friend to discuss something.

Seeing that you were chasing after us, I thought something had happened, so I stopped.”

“Of course Im looking for you about something important.

Hurry up and come with me to see the Chen family.

I heard that Old Madame Chen has a good relationship with the Jiang family.

Can you please go and beg her to help us.

As long as she is willing to help, he will definitely not pursue this matter of us offending Young Master Jiang.”

If she did not resolve this matter, Yun Yuanfeng would definitely divorce her.

She had nothing now, and she could not lose her position as a directors wife.

She had worked so hard for so many years before shed finally made it.

Now that Yun Yuanfeng had made it big, he wanted to kick her out.

No way would she allow that to happen.

Just as Liang Xiuqin reached out to pull Yun Xis hand, Yun Xi took a step back to evade her.

“Ive already said that you were the one who caused trouble for the Jiang family.

I will not interfere or help.”

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