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Chapter 1114: Utter Rubbish

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“I am not going to help you…”

Before Yun Xi could finish speaking, Liang Xiuqin, who had come full of hope and had no intention of leaving empty-handed, was angered by her refusal.

She twisted her face into a grimace, raised her hand, and slapped Yun Xi across the face without any hesitation.

At first, Yun Xi had not been on her guard when she faced Liang Xiuqin.

She felt that her mother would not immediately do anything nasty to her now that she needed her help.

However, she had overestimated her mothers intelligence.

Compared to Chen Lixues ability to control her temper, Liang Xiuqin had no control..

“You wretched unlucky girl! Im telling you, even if you dont want to help today, you have to.”

She had made such an effort to find Yun Xi, she refused to give up.

After all, she had spent the entire day standing outside the university like an idiot and now shed spent a fortune on a taxi.

After being slapped by surprise, Yun Xi did not even try to cover her face.

The burning pain that she was feeling on her face reminded her of the despair she had felt when Liang Xiuqin had disfigured her in her previous life.

“If you had spoken to me nicely earlier and begged me to help you, I might have gone to the Chen family.

Now that youve slapped me, do you still expect me to help you You can give up on that idea!”

At this moment, Yun Xi even felt like acknowledging her as her mother was humiliating to herself.

Now that they had gotten down to brass tacks and started really telling one another how they felt, Liang Xiuqin brought up Yun Yuanfeng.

“If you dont help me, arent you afraid that I will tell your father and ask him to deal with you At that time, you will have to go to the Chen family in order to obey your father.”

At home, Liang Xiuqin was afraid of Yun Yuanfeng.

Yun Xi still had to rely on him to pay her school fees to study at university, so she naturally had to keep him happy.

If Yun Yuanfeng said the word and demanded that she do something, she would still have to help obediently no matter how stubborn she was.

This was about the Yun familys business.

As a member of the Yun family, she had to help unconditionally if she had the ability.

However, Liang Xiuqin forgot that kinship was not something that she could take for granted.

Did she want to get something without paying the price for it There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Yun Xi raised her head, her cold, sharp eyes like bottomless holes in the dark night.

When the beam of light from her eyes landed on Liang Xiuqins face, it made her feel like she was about to die.

This wretched girl had grown up and dared to glare at her like that.

“Why are you glaring at me Do you think you can make me feel afraid just because youre glaring at me”

Yun Xi really wanted to laugh at her mothers boldness and confidence that came from who knew where.

She was shameless to such a level that Yun Xi couldnt help but admire her.

“Then tell him that I said I wont help.

If you get a divorce because you have offended Young Master Jiang, youve asked for it.

I would be delighted to see you get a divorce.

If you get a divorce, maybe my father can find a directors wife who is more virtuous than you and wont cause him any trouble.”

The bad habits that her mother had brought from the countryside were never going to be changed.

Moreover, Yun Yuanfeng already had a woman outside the marriage and even had an illegitimate child.

It would be fine if that woman gave birth to a daughter, but Liang Xiuqin would have to make way for that woman if the child was a son.

In her previous life, that woman had given birth to a younger brother for her.

If there were no accidents in this life, that child would still be her younger brother.

Therefore, if Liang Xiuqin wanted to cause a scene, she could do so.

When the child was born, she was going to suffer.

Although she did not like the idea of a mistress being promoted to a wife, it was a pity that her mother was so good at courting her own death.

If she got a divorce and lost her status as a directors wife, we would see how she would be able to jump around then.

“You, you wretched girl! Stop right there! Come back!”

Before Liang Xiuqin could stop Yun Xi, Yun Xi had already opened the door and gotten into the car with a loud slam as she closed the door.

Team Leader A had already started the cars engine.

Once Yun Xi got into the car, the car sped away, spewing dust all over Liang Xiuqins face!

“D*mn girl, stop right there!”

Liang Xiuqin chased after them, but she choked on the dust flying in the air and coughed several times..

She was showered in dust and looked dirty and messy.

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