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Chapter 1117: Liang Xiuqin Destroyed

When Su Donglin received the call from the Young Commanders man, he was a little surprised.

After hearing the other partys instructions, he finally understood that someone must have displeased him.

The matter was not difficult to handle.

Using this matter to resolve the misunderstanding from the wedding banquet was actually a good deal for Su Donglin.

After hanging up, he called his subordinates and made arrangements.

Liang Xiuqin walked around the construction site in the south of the city with dirt all over her face.

The lights here were dim, and she could not establish any sense of direction.

When shed first arrived, there seemed to have been only a dirt road, but now there were more roads because she must have taken a detour.

The more she walked, the more she felt that something was wrong.

She had left the house in such a hurry that morning that she hadnt brought her phone with her.

Now that she was in this deserted place, she could not even scream for help.

She had no idea how long she had been walking.

She followed the streetlights, but it felt like she was walking in circles.

She circled around and returned to the original spot.

She had no idea about how to get out of this blasted place.

Using the streetlights to guide the way, she thought she was smart enough to walk into the city and get a taxi, but after circling around a few times, she realized that she had been too naive.

The streetlights here were not arranged in a straight line.

Instead, they were laid out in a circular pattern.

The place was too big, and she could not see her surroundings clearly.

There was only a dim light shining on some corners.

The farther she walked, the more tired she felt, and the more she walked, the more she felt like she was stuck in purgatory.

There were some unfinished buildings and abandoned construction sites around them.

They towered around her in the dark, giving off a cold and eerie vibe.

There was no one around, and in this strange atmosphere, she did not dare to stop.

The more she ran, the more tired she became, and soon she was unable to catch her breath.

In her mind, she was scolding Yun Xi nonstop, thinking of all the possible methods to deal with her after she got out of here.

It was precisely these thoughts that kept her going.

She did not know how much time had passed, but she finally heard the faint sound of a car ahead.

She followed the sound closely, and soon she saw the headlights of a car shining on her.

She quickly jumped out of the shadows and started to wave her hands frantically.

When the two cars got closer, she saw that there were men sitting in them, whistling at her.

This group of hooligans had dyed hair and strange clothes, and she instantly regretted attracting their attention.

The hooligans had come here for nothing but excitement.

Who knew what they would do to her

Liang Xiuqin looked warily at the car that was circling around her.

She swallowed the words that she had wanted to use to ask for help.

“Hey, dont tell me shes a lunatic”

“She looks like a lost fool!”

“Auntie, what are you doing here instead of sleeping at home Are you meeting your lover in private The atmosphere at the construction site is not bad.”

“Of course its good to be in an open field…ha, ha, ha, ha…”

Liang Xiuqin had never been teased like this before in her life.

She was embarrassed and scared, afraid that they would do something to her in this wasteland.

“You guys, dont come over here.

Get lost…”

She no longer wished for a car to take her back.

All she wanted was for them to get lost, to get as far away from her as possible.

“Oh, youre quite fierce! Auntie, why dont we take you to have some fun”

“Get lost!” Liang Xiuqin staggered and fell to the ground.

She grabbed some stones on the ground and threw them at the car.

Someone in the car accidentally got hit by a stone, and they quickly closed their windows and took off.

Liang Xiuqin collapsed on the ground, choking on the dust that the cars had kicked up.

She could not even open her eyes.

She was scared, and she started crying like a helpless baby.

That d*mn girl, Yun Xi, was truly an unlucky charm for her.

How could she be so cursed as to give birth to such a daughter

Liang Xiuqin walked for the whole night before finally finding her way out of the south of the city.

Several drivers did not dare to help her because she looked so scary.

In the end, someone gave her some money so she could get a taxi back home.

Coincidentally, Yun Yuanfeng had not gone to work yet when she arrived.

The moment he stepped outside, he saw Liang Xiuqin, who looked as if she had been robbed and assaulted.

He was instantly shocked!

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