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Chapter 1119: Up Their Game

Although Mu Feichi had agreed to see Yun Yuanfeng, he had not specified an exact time.

Yun Yuanfeng had tried to set up an appointment two days in a row, but Mu Feichi had not been around.

His appointment had to be delayed further.

As long as this matter was not resolved, it would torture him.

However, each time that he felt he was about to see some light at the end of the tunnel, the Young Commander was not available.

This kind of agony was not any better than when there had been no hope.

Instead, it was more torturous.

Meanwhile, the scheming person just had to use this type of method to torment Yun Xis parents.

He would not allow Yun Xi to be slapped without consequences.

After suffering that horrible experience, Liang Xiuqin did not dare to go to the university to look for Yun Xi again.

Yun Xis stubborn attitude had already made her point clear.

If she did not wish to help, she would not help.

Liang Xiuqin had wanted to make a scene at the entrance of Jingdu University to force her into helping her, but now it seemed like the only person she was embarrassing was herself.

Especially when there were so many children of high officials and political figures studying at Jingdu University.

Even if she achieved her goal, she could still embarrass Yun Yuanfeng.

Who knew how he would deal with her when he heard about that

After much thought, she could no longer think of anyone to help her.

At this very moment, Chen Lixue, now the wife of a wealthy family, asked her out for afternoon tea.

Having afternoon tea in Jingdu was a form of entertainment for the wealthy ladies in upper-class circles.

When Liang Xiuqin still had her club, she often invited wealthy ladies to have tea and chat.

However, after she had been so embarrassed at Old Madame Chens charity auction, the ladies who had come to the club previously stopped coming.

Not long after, what with the smashing incident and Chen Lixue coming to the Yun family, the club suspended its business operations.

She had nothing to do at home every day.

All the friends that she had tried so hard to make had stopped interacting with her.

Even though she was now a directors wife, all the people who came to curry favor with her were after Yun Yuanfeng, and not her.

This made her feel that her position as the wife of a director was just for show.

Chen Lixue asked her out for afternoon tea as the Fourth Madame of the Su family.

Although she knew that the old b*tch was up to no good, she agreed without hesitation because it crossed her mind that the Su family might be able to help her.

On Tianyu Mountain, Mu Feichis Intelligence Unit had collected information on what the anti-narcotics actions across the country had accomplished.

Only a few insignificant characters had been rounded up, so they didnt gain much by it.

Mu Feichi still sent the information to Yun Xi.

Those who had not shown themselves were the big fish.

Meanwhile, in Jingdu, not a single person had been caught.

It was so strange that Mu Feichi and Yun Xi felt that something was off.

The anti-narcotics exercise started in Jingdu and was expanded to the entire country.

The water in Jingdu was too deep, so it was indeed not easy to catch a big fish.

“It might be called a big fish, but its actually not that big.

The real big fish in Jingdu are all under our surveillance.

It doesnt matter if we cant catch them.

There will always be a chance.”

Mu Feichi patted Yun Xis shoulder.

He hadnt expected this operation to be very successful, but rather it was an opportunity for her to test the waters.

If the results were not bad, then their following plans would be easier.

If the results were not good, then they would have to up their game.

MMM! “I understand.” Yun Xi nodded.

Even though she was a bit disappointed, these people from Jingdu all kept quiet at this time, and she smelled a conspiracy.

Thankfully, she had told General Feng beforehand that she would be a spy and let him know beforehand if anything happened.

“Young Commander, an encrypted call is coming through Miss Yuns phone.”

“Let it through!” Mu Feichi looked at the surveillance frequency on the screen.

Her phone was the same as his.

They were both equipped with encryption software and were not the kind that would directly pass through the local telecommunications department.

When his Intelligence Unit received the same encrypted anti-monitoring phone call, there would be a notification.

If necessary, they could use the phone to locate the other party.

“It hasnt been peaceful recently, so you have to be careful.”

“I understand, thank you!” Even if the other party did not give a name, Yun Xi could still tell who it was.

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