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Chapter 1128: A True Gentleman

It wasnt that Han Wanling hadnt thought about the possibility that Yun Xi and Second Master Jiang knew each other, but she had thought that, knowing Yun Xis proud and self-righteous nature, she would never go to Jiang Chenghuan for help.

Wasnt the best example of that right in front of them today

When Liang Xiuqin offended Second Master Jiang, Yun Xi preferred being forced by her mother to come and apologize to her, her nemesis, than to ask Jiang Chenghuan for help to resolve the situation.

It was precisely because of this miscalculation that she had made the wrong judgment, which had led to this present wretched and humiliating situation.

She had never imagined that Yun Xi would be so shameless as to really invite Second Master Jiang to come today.

What she also hadnt expected was how this man who was head of the Jiang family would be so aggressive for the sake of a little girl, without showing the slightest bit of compassion for anyone else.

The way that Second Master Jiang had humiliated them felt like a slap in her face.

It was especially insulting how he had done it in front of Yun Xi, unceremoniously expressing his dislike and making her feel even worse than if he had given her an actual slap in the face.

Han Wanling strove to control the surge of anger that was rising within her chest.

She gritted her teeth, and her hands clenched into fists under the table, her fingernails digging into her flesh from the effort she was putting forth to hold herself back.

She had never been so humiliated in her life.

Yun Xi, this rotten girl, simply deserved to die.

Han Wanling had just returned home to China, and she had had no intention of attacking Yun Xi, and yet now Yun Xi had slapped her very hard.

Very well, if that is how she wants it… If Han Wanling is not able to settle this score, she will not be able to stomach the humiliation that she has suffered today.

Yun Xi turned and looked at Han Wanling, her eyes filled with undisguised hatred and resentment.

These had grown considerably stronger, compared to how they had been in her previous life.

“Han Wanling, you have just returned to China.

Even if you want to die, you have to learn to live here first.

You dont want to be expelled from the country again so quickly.

Because after the next time youre expelled, by the time you come back, you will be too old to have any strength left at all.”

“You shut up!” Han Wanling gritted her teeth and glared at Yun Xi.

If it hadnt been for the presence of Second Master Jiang, she definitely would not have been so polite to her and probably would even have attacked her.

Seeing that Han Wanling was so angry that her brain was almost smoking, Yun Xi was now in a very good mood.

“It seems that Miss Han is not as fond of the Young Master as I thought.

As the saying goes, love is reckless, love is restraint, but you are so reckless and do not know how to restrain yourself at all.

I thought you would have learned a lot in this period of time that you were exiled abroad.

However, youre still so impulsive.

I think you better be careful and dont clamor about liking the Young Marshal in the future.

After all, your false affection is really disgusting.”

Not waiting for Han Wanling to respond, Yun Xi grabbed Jiang Chenghuans arm, turned around, and walked straight out, not wasting a single word more.

Once she had left Han Wanling finally exploded in a fit of rage and ripped the tablecloth off the table.

All the teacups and teapots fell to the ground, shattering into a million pieces.

At the entrance to the hotel, Jiang Chenghuans bodyguard opened the car door.

Jiang Chenghuan, being a rare gentleman, gestured to her in invitation.

“Having helped you so much, Im starving to death.

Shouldnt you treat me to dinner”

“Okay, lets go.” Yun Xi agreed without hesitation and got into the car.

Jiang Chenghuan smiled and got in after her.

Jiang Chenghuans cars rolled into the traffic.

When they stopped at a traffic light, Yun Xi turned to look at Jiang Chenghuan, who was sitting beside her.

“Why did you come here I could have managed such trivial matters on my own.

I was planning on having a brutal fight with them, yet I felt so useless when you showed up.”

Her original plan had been to have Jiang Chenghuan and Su Donglin come over to watch the show, but she had never expected him to come out just as the show began, causing her to waste all the lines she had prepared, not one of which had she managed to use.

“How was that useless Didnt you get to watch a good show”

Talking about this, Jiang Chenghuan felt a great sense of achievement.

“Were you surprised that, once this Young Master decides to be nasty, he is not worse than your Young Commander, right”

“Yes, indeed.

You had no mercy toward those ladies.”

Jiang Chenghuan chuckled.

“If the Young Commander had been around, he would have been even more ruthless, and he would have shown absolutely no mercy to Han Wanling.

So this Young Master should be considered to have acted as a gentleman today.”

Yun Xi nodded approvingly.

Before she could say anything else, the driver of the car pulled on the emergency brake.

An enormous truck, seemingly out of control, was barreling toward them from the intersection.

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