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Chapter 1133: The Intelligence That Started a Bloody Storm!

Yun Yuanfeng had spent nearly a decade roping in quite a few customs personnel and painstakingly obtaining this information.

He had initially thought that the intelligence he had would not be valuable anymore.

After all, it had been going on for so long, and there were so many people involved.

Some of them had already retired from their positions, so there was no point in keeping the documents.

However, this was all evidence that could be used against the big shots and even the wealthiest families.

If he did not have absolute confidence that he had found a powerful backer who could protect him, these things would never be exposed.

Once they were exposed, a lot of people would want to kill him.

These things could make him wealthy and prosperous, and they could also make his family targets for killers.

Therefore, he had been waiting and waiting for someone who needed these things, someone who could protect him and help him rise to power.

Now this person had appeared.

Regardless of whether it was status or power he wanted, he could now fulfill his wishes.

However, Yun Yuanfeng had forgotten that although this person with overwhelming power could fulfill his wishes, he did not like others to negotiate terms with him.

“Director Yun!” Mu Feichi stood up from where he had been leaning on the car and looked at Yun Yuanfeng, who was walking over toward him with a thick stack of folders in his arms.

He hid the sharpness in his eyes without changing his expression.

Yun Yuanfeng had both the means and the tactics and he wasnt stupid.

If he could fulfill his duty as a father to Yun Xi and treat her a bit better or give her a bit more care, perhaps he really would show favoritism and help him climb higher.

Unfortunately, no one in that family cared about the apple of Mu Feichis eye.

Since Yun Yuanfeng cared so much about profit, then they would only talk about profit.

Everything would be only about their personal gains, since there were no sentiments between them.

“Young Commander!” Yun Yuanfeng stopped in his tracks, panting slightly.

His face was filled with joy and excitement.

“Youre finally able to see me.”

“Ive been very busy with work recently, so I didnt have the time to talk to Director Yun.

I have half an hour today.

What is Director Yun looking for me for”

“Er, this…” Yun Yuanfeng glanced at Feng Rui and Qi Yuan, who stood behind Mu Feichi and hesitated.

“I heard that Director Yuns wife recently offended Second Young Master Jiang That was quite bold of her.

Even I have to show respect to the head of the Jiang family.”

“Yes, yes, yes…that wife of mine comes from a village and is ignorant and rude.

She accidentally said something wrong and did something wrong to offend Young Master Jiang.

I wanted to apologize to him personally, but I was worried that he would not see me, so this misunderstanding escalated.”

“Was Director Yun looking for me because you wanted me to speak up for the Yun family to Second Young Master Jiang”

“Yes…yes, small fry like us dont have much of a chance to see Young Master Jiang.

Young Commander, since you are friends with him, can you help us”

“Its not an impossible task.” Mu Feichi raised his eyes slightly and glanced at Yun Yuanfeng.

“Since my adjutant called you, you already know what I want.

Since thats the case, I wont beat around the bush with Director Yun.”

Yun Yuanfeng tightened his grip on the documents in his hands.

He knew that the Young Commander wanted these documents.

With these documents, it wouldnt be difficult for Mu Feichi to control the situation in Jingdu.

Many prominent figures were involved, and now with the recent anti-narcotics crackdown…the customs documents in Yun Yuanfengs hands were solid evidence.

Once this was exposed, it would definitely lead to a bloodbath in Jingdu.

“Young Commander, how…how did you know that I had these things”

Since he knew, he must know what they were.

Otherwise, he would not have suggested it to him at a time like this.

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