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Chapter 113: A Slap in the Face

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The manager had never seen such an outrageous mother who displayed such blatant favoritism.

Even if the evidence was conclusive, she at least had to try to defend her daughter, but this mother actually tried to pin the blame on her other daughter!

How unbelievable!

“Impossible!” Liang Xiuqin didnt believe that the jade seal wasnt in Yun Xis purse.

She rushed forward and grabbed Yun Xis handbag, then dumped everything on the table.

Such uncouth behavior attracted a lot of disgusted eye rolls from the socialites in the room.

Her desperately trying to pin the blame on her own daughter was simply too shameless!

Several of the socialites there were also regular customers of Liang Xiuqins spa.

It was really eye-opening for them to see Liang Xiuqin acting so shameless.

Several of them had the urge to immediately cut all ties with her, so they wouldnt seem as classless and uncivilized as her by association.

There was a bundle of scalpels hidden in Yun Xis bag.

Liang Xiuqin thought it was something suspicious and opened it, but then the expression on her face suddenly changed.

“What is this Why do you want to bring in so many knives”

Yun Xi frowned when she saw Liang Xiuqin treat the bundle of scalpels so roughly, and, suppressing her anger, she stepped forward and snatched them back.

With her eyes downcast, she tied the scalpels back together with a grave expression on her face.

She gazed at her mothers unsightly face indifferently.

“I am a medical student, and I brought the scalpels with me for emergency first aid just in case.”

“Are you using studying medicine as an excuse There are so many guests here tonight, so what if you hurt someone”

After being scorned just now, Liang Xiuqin resented the manager, so she didnt forget to throw him under the bus as well.

“You, too, manager, how could the security at the door allow her to bring a knife in! Can you be held responsible if something goes wrong”

Yun Xi couldnt help but laugh at her mothers self-righteous rebuke.

“The guests coming tonight are famous and important people, and there are so many security personnel here.

So, Mom, what do you think I want to do Which one of them present is someone that the Yun family can afford to provoke”

“You…” Liang Xiuqins face immediately darkened after Yun Xi talked back to her so directly.

At this moment, Jiang Wanyun spoke up, “I told the manager to allow Yun Xi to bring in the scalpels.”

Upon hearing her voice, Liang Xiuqin turned her head.

When she saw it was Jiang Wanyun speaking, she felt so humiliated that she lowered her head.

“Yun Xi was my sons lifesaver.

If it wasnt because Yun Xi had the habit of carrying scalpels with her, Im afraid my son wouldnt be here today.

So at todays security check, I specifically ordered them to allow Yun Xi to bring in the scalpels.

So, if something goes wrong, I will be responsible!”

As the originator of todays auction, what right did Liang Xiuqin have to object

Jiang Wanyun had just given her a slap in the face!

That wretched girl Yun Xi was willing to humiliate her publicly.

“Since evidence of me framing her hasnt been found, does second young master Jiang feel that you need to investigate further”

Yun Xi asked in a nonchalant manner as she turned to look at Jiang Henglin, who hadnt changed his expression.

He had already lost face, so Jiang Henglin wished to keep a low profile at the moment.

Now that Yun Xi was throwing him under the bus, he shot daggers at her with viciousness in his eyes.

His eyes were full of unabashed loathing toward her, and he muttered coldly, “Check, why not check further Who knows whether or not youre simply hiding it”

After making him suffer such embarrassment, he wasnt going to let her off the hook that easily either.

Thinking of this possibility, Liang Xiuqin turned her head and glared at Liang Xinyi coldly.

Liang Xinyi was also in a panic.

She had never dealt with such a scene in all her life.

Anxious to get on Liang Xiuqins good side, and anxious to frame Yun Xi, Liang Xinyi was on edge.

“I definitely…”

She definitely put the jade seal in the bag, so why was it gone

Could it be that she had discovered it, so she hid it elsewhere

Upon thinking of this possibility, Liang Xinyi raised her head.

“Yes! She must have hidden it somewhere else!”

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