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Chapter 1138: Your Boyfriend

In the beginning, he had assumed Yun Xis decision to keep their relationship private was to protect herself from becoming a tool of her parents.

Mu Feichi understood her concern and did not want her to be used, hence he did not pressure her.

However, the truth was out now.

She hadnt wanted to reveal their relationship to the public because not only her parents, but a lot of other people, could try to take advantage of him through her.

Mu Feichi was unsure whether he should be happy or angry.

He had gone through vigorous training and lived through bloody and rain-soaked battlefields.

He was the number one Young Commander in the country, but Yun Xi was convinced he could be taken advantage of by Yun Yuanfeng.

Yet, it was Yun Xis concern and hope to never have anyone wrong him in any way that had crushed him.

He knew that Yun Xis intentions stemmed from her innermost feelings and that Yun Xi cared deeply about him so she did not want to bring any suffering upon him.

If it had been someone who she was not fond of, Yun Xi would have immediately dealt with the situation and never considered their emotions again.

Chen Yichen was an example.

She had promised to give her all to return the kindness the Chen family had shown her, and she had repaid every ounce with gratitude.

She could not believe this clever man had completely changed the conversation.

Yun Xi focused on the man putting on his most dramatic Ive been wronged face.

It was amusing, and she decided to surrender.

She stretched her hand out and casually ran her fingers down the edges of his face.

The short stubble on his chin rubbed against her palms, and the sensation started butterflies in her stomach.

Yun Xi could no longer hold back a smile, “Do you really…feel this way”

It occurred to Yun Xi that her interpretation of being wronged and Mu Feichis interpretation of being wronged seemed to be on completely different levels.

Their understandings of it were worlds apart.

Her intention to hide their relationship had been hurting him the entire time, but she had done the opposite of what she wanted to do.

What more could she do in her position she thought.

They were at a stalemate, and she didnt want to wrong him any further.

Yun Xi decided to use this incident to resolve his feelings of being wronged once and for all.

The man blinked hard as he bit his lips.

His expression was akin to a child whose ice cream had dropped onto the sidewalk.

“…” Qi Yuan, who was standing by their side, turned his head away.

It was hard to stomach his Young Commander acting cute in front of his woman.

His life as their third wheel had never felt more painful than it was at the present moment.

He wished he could disappear from this spot right now.

“Fine! As you wish, I will not wrong you any longer.”

“You agree” Mu Feichi inched toward Yun Xi at lightning speed.

His shocked expression did not conceal any of his joy.

His reaction gave Yun Xi a huge surprise.

She was going to reveal their relationship to the whole world.

She did not comprehend where the happiness had emerged from.

Many troubles and troublemakers were going to be scrambling toward them in the future.

Yun Xi wondered if his happiness came from his confidence or if Mu Feichi already had a winning ticket in his hands.

“I…I did agree, but why are you so happy Our troubles are only starting.”

“You agreeing means that you acknowledge our relationship too, no I can finally be your boyfriend, and its official too.

You cant take your words back now.”

Yun Xis mind reeled.

This had been a trap.

“I…I thought…by revealing our relationship, it just meant that we know and not…”

“Not what Are you backing down You just agreed.”

Yun Xis shock was quickly washed away by her annoyance.

This sudden trap had tossed her worries about revealing their relationship far away in her mind.

With frustration pouring out of her eyes, she stared at Mu Feichi and brought up another issue.

“When did I agree to be your girlfriend, Young Commander Did you confess your love to me Did I accept”

Ever since their return from the attack in the mountains, the two had been as close to each other as if they were partners.

As their time spent together grew, they became closer and more in tune with each other.

Her heart had welcomed him as well.

She was certain she wanted to be with him.

She wanted to fight alongside him, grow to become better with him, and face the oncoming weather of Jingdus future with him.

Still, she felt this had all been too sudden.

There was still something missing.

“Didnt you just agree Just as I wanted!”

“…” Yun Xi wondered how many traps of Mu Feichis had she fallen into at this point.

Have all of his words been traps for her to fall into so far

Facing her dumbfounded expression, Mu Feichi reached out and gently fondled Yun Xis head.

“So, do you want to hear my confession, babe”

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