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Chapter 1140: A Sincere Confession

“Shouldnt you ask the florist Do I sound like I know”

Mu Feichi had been out of touch in terms of anything romance-related.

He hadnt done anything like this in years, and the question from Gu Baifan had left him frozen in thought.

He must offer Yun Xi the best of everything or nothing at all.

As much as it would be a simple confession, and he would be repeating the words he said to her daily, Mu Feichi wanted to do it with sincerity.

“Red roses represent love.

What do you think, Young Master”


Hanging up the call, he turned to Qi Yuan who was standing at his side watching everything.

After a moment of deliberation, he spoke up.

“Could you and Feng Rui prepare all my military medals and decorations from the safe and wait for me by the Mu Mansion gates”

“Understood, Young Commander.” Qi Yuan was already a step ahead of him.

He nodded and dragged the still-puzzled Feng Rui into the car.

Completely confused, Feng Ruis eyes moved from Qi Yuan to the Young Commander.

“I thought you wanted to confess, Young Commander Why do you need the military medals”

“This is for the confession.

Didnt I want to confess to Yun Xi”

“Using military medals as a confession You sure about this”

“…” Qi Yuan smiled, but did not answer his dumb question.

It was precisely because he respected Yun Xi so much.

Therefore the Young Commander had chosen a formal way to confess to her.

The phone call from the bodyguard had left Chen Yichen hurriedly wrapping up his meeting at the hotel.

He couldnt care less about his guests anymore after hearing news about Yun Xis car accident.

He left them in the care of his secretary, and he rushed into his bodyguards car.

“Hows Miss Yun”

“Miss Yun is all right, just some small injuries.

When our men and the Young Commanders men collided, it blocked the impact of the lorry for her.

This is the security footage of the road accident.”

The bodyguard passed the laptop over to Chen Yichen.

The horrifying impact of the accident was captured in the recording.

Chen Yichens pupils darkened.

“And the lorry driver”

“He passed away at the crime scene.

My men have investigated his background.

He owed many debts, but he had recently received a large sum of money out of nowhere.

I suppose he was paid by someone to do this.

But the mans dead, and we have no evidence or suspect.

The investigation is going to be tough from here on.”

“Any updates from the people I requested you to monitor”

“Nothing much, though there were five of them who entered a members-only golf club one after another yesterday.

The security of the club was tight, and our men could not get in.”

“Got it.

Send me these fives latest movements in detail.”

“Will do!”

“Where is the girl right now”

The bodyguard hesitated before replying.

“The Young Commander picked her up and took her to Tianyu Mountain.

We could not enter so…”

Chen Yichen closed his eyes and rested them for a second.

His piercing gaze slowly disappeared.

Not only the bodyguard, but Chen Yichen was also sure he would not be given access to enter into Tianyu Mountain with his current status.

It was fortunate that she had escaped unscathed.

All he had to do from now on was to remove all obstacles on her path of revenge.


On the training grounds of Tianyu Mountain, Yun Xi and all the special forces soldiers were having a meal around a bonfire.

The wide field was full of soldiers engaging in various activities.

Some were arm wrestling, some were sparring, and a few were having a shoot-off with their guns and darts.

The soldiers were excited about a private bonding event in the military camp, and Young Commander Mu was in attendance as well.

The excitement level was at an all-time high.

Yun Xi had never experienced this atmosphere at Tianyu Mountain before.

Although she had trained and dined here, she had never come into contact with these large-scale entertainment events.

From the crowd, a youthful figure emerged and headed toward the tree Yun Xi was resting underneath.

The figure took a look at the Young Commander who was sitting next to her and another hesitant look at Yun Xi.

It took a while for him to start the conversation.

“Miss Yun, I wish to inquire about the matter of attacking a persons acupuncture points in close combat.”

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