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Chapter 1143: No Regrets

Just one sentence had conveyed her choice to him.

Knowing all the challenges and difficulties that lay ahead of them, Yun Xi was prepared to shoulder them all with Mu Feichi.

She had sworn, till death does us part.

Perhaps death wouldnt even be able to part them either.

The love between them might not be passionate and full of twists and drama, but through all the hardships and the times shared on the battlefield, they have developed an unbreakable bond between them.

Of all the words she had said to him thus far, Yun Xis answer had struck the softest spot of Mu Feichis heart.

He thought about the years and years that were ahead of him, and he was confident he could keep the promise he had made to do everything it takes to protect her.

Mu Feichis eyes were filled with an infinite kindness and fondness.

Her answer had exceeded all of Mu Feichis expectations.

Although, no matter the answer, Mu Feichi had been determined to give up what he had to as he felt it was worth a life with Yun Xi.

“Are you sure, babe You will have to go to the battlefield with me and face all kinds of war and bloodshed.

Are you sure you wont regret your choice”

“I have departed from the track of a normal life ever since I first met you.

I have no regrets.”

She had always viewed their meeting with gratitude.

She was very fortunate to have met him.

She wondered what the odds were to have met such a strict leader with such a gentle heart and what fortune she had to be able to join him in battle, to develop feelings for him, and to have him reciprocate those feelings.

She was grateful that she could live her life one more time.

Mu Feichi lifted his hand to tousle Yun Xis hair, but his hand was trembling with emotion and so he positioned it on the nape of her neck instead.

He pulled Yun Xi into a tight embrace almost as if he wanted their bodies to join into one whole.

All he had wanted to say had been swallowed down his throat as soon as he heard Yun Xi say I have no regrets.

The words were enough to let him know that his heart was safe with Yun Xi.

I have no regrets.

Those four words were more moving to him than the standard three words, I love you.

Being a soldier, the matter of life and death was insignificant to him.

He could say the same about lovers and romance.

It was a luxury that he could not afford.

It was hard for anyone who had ever stood by a soldiers side to deny having regrets about their choice.

Especially those who truly understood the responsibility on their shoulders and the imminent threats they faced daily.

Every woman would want a life of serenity, a life where they did not have to worry every day but were able to live in harmony.

Yet no soldier could share this life of peace with the ones they love.

They were never able to guarantee a safe return from the battlefield.

It was a living nightmare for women to be in a constant state of fear.

He had taken Yun Xi to witness death firsthand.

He had brought her onto the toughest battlefields with him, and he had lived through countless carnages of war.

Yun Xi was clear about the future that awaited her, and she was clear that Mu Feichi had given her a choice of a more peaceful option.

In the face of all she had experienced, shed chosen his aspirations and turned his aspirations into her own beliefs.

Yun Xi was different than most women in that she was strong and perseverant.

She was also fearlessly kind despite all that had occurred.

Every aspect of her was deeply appealing to him.

Shed started as a small seedling that had planted her roots in the bottom of his heart.

The seedling had grown into a towering tree that had now buried her roots so deeply in Mu Feichi that no force could pull them out.

The four men that were standing by the couple exchanged looks and silently retreated from the scene.

Before taking his leave, Gu Baifan secretly handed the bouquet of roses he had hidden in his other hand to Mu Feichi.

The four moved away like the night wind.

Being soldiers, Feng Rui and Qi Yuan were aware of what it took for a woman to stand by their side and what they would face.

Yun Xi was strong and determined, and she was greatly admired by them.

The sight of the two hugging figures prompted a common thought in Feng Rui and Qi Yuans mind.

It was obvious that they had been brought together by fate.

There was no greater truth than that.

This unique yet touching confession was something only the Young Commander was capable of.

It took a while for Yun Xi to look up and pull herself away from the warm embrace of Mu Feichi.

Still captivated by the refreshing mint scent of his cologne, she picked up another smell, roses!

Lowering her head, she caught sight of the bouquet in Mu Feichis hands.

The roses were a burning shade of red.

Never had she ever in her past life received any roses from Han Yaotian, and, in this life, Mu Feichi had only given her other flowers.

The roses were redder than blood and burning brighter than any flame, and they symbolized that his love was direct, strong, and passionate.

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