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Chapter 1144: Eye for an Eye

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Yun Xi finally understood what it felt like to receive flowers from the one she loved, a euphoria that sent her heart levitating.

It was ironic to her that this man who was not supposed to understand romance was the one who had given her this fairytale-like love story.

Looking up, she faced the gentle-looking man and could not hold back her laughter.

“This was a unique confession, Young Commander.

But werent you afraid I might reject you”

Other peoples confessions of love would have asked if someone was willing or not to be in a relationship with them.

Mu Feichi was an exception.

He had put all that he had on display for her to choose from.

He was so confident that he did not leave any room for them to back up if something went wrong.

“We soldiers always do get directly to the point.

Besides, you do love me, no”

He lightly jabbed Yun Xis tummy, and his confident features carried a faint smile, almost as if he had won this competition from the start.

Yun Xi felt as if she could never outmatch him in this aspect.

“What if I had said no” His confidence had made Yun Xis careful thought seem like no more than childs play.

“If you didnt feel anything for me, I would just tie you by my side.

If you spent every day with me, your feelings would grow.”


Mu Feichi laughed at the sight of Yun Xis stunned expression, and he gave her forehead a light flick.

“What an expression.

No matter what you think, I will treat it as though you have accepted my confession.

Since you have accepted it, its time to work on what youre going to do about todays events.”

“I have a plan.” Yun Xi continued with a shallow laugh.

“I think simple and aggressive tactics are the best against these sly old guys.

The more you try to trick them, the more they wont fall for it.”

“Tell me about it, whats your plan”

“The anti-narcotics movement is still on.

Do you think you can procure some drugs for me Not too much, just enough so that we can charge them legally.”

The mere mention of drugs had given Mu Feichi an idea of what Yun Xi planned to do.

“How do you think I can get my hands on that, babe” He was unsure if he should laugh or cry.

“If you cant help, then Ill ask Feng Yang for help.”

“No, you wont.” The mans expression soured after Yun Xis comment.

“Ill find anything for you that you need.

You dont have to find another man to do it.”

“But I thought it would tarnish your honor if I asked you to get the drugs.

It would be better if I asked someone else.”

“Will anyone else be as reliable as I am If this gets leaked to the old guys, your plans will be ruined.

Dont take this risk.”

He tapped Yun Xis forehead and offered her a resigned smile.

“This is a very simple and harsh eye-for-an-eye technique.

Are you sure they will fall for it”

“Why not Your men have made no moves since the car accident.

They will be on guard right now, and the tenser they are, the more easily they will fumble and leave room for suspicion.

You have always positioned yourself away from all this as the Young Commander of Jun Country.

How about you invite them for a meeting now Do you think they will attend”

Mu Feichi chuckled, his piercing eyes turning cold and calculating.

“I dont think I should move if the enemy does not.

If I move before they do, they will wonder if I have ulterior motives.

Then again, if they cant guess what Im doing, they will come just so that they can have an idea of it.

“Therefore, they will take the bait, and things will be easier from here.

We have to accuse them of abusing drugs and expose them to the media.

Even if we cant catch the biggest guy right now, he should be scared.

This is much more effective than those scheming tactics.

Besides, this will only work because of their special status and the coincidence of the nationwide anti-narcotics event.

I doubt they can hold it in until its over.”

“Do you think the media in Jingdu would be brave enough to expose something about people with such special status”

Yun Xi whirled to confront Mu Feichi and faced him with a pitiful expression, her pleading eyes full of anticipation, “You will help, wont you, Young Commander”


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