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Chapter 1145: Your Skills Are Terrible

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

The proud man lowered his head, his handsome face leaning over her as he said, “I can help, but give me a few kisses first to satisfy me!”

Yun Xi bit her lip and raised her head.

She patted his face lightly.

“Youll help me if I give you a few kisses.

Young Commander, where are your inhibitions”

This guy was always thinking about how to flirt with her.

“Why should I have any inhibitions in front of my own woman”

Seeing that she was not moving, a certain someone moved closer.

“Babe, I wont wait for you if you take too long.”

Yun Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry as she gazed at the man before her.

He was looking at her expectantly.

She held his face and planted a few kisses on him.

“All right, Im finished.”

Even though he had taken advantage of her, the arrogant man still complained with an aggrieved expression.

“That was not romantic at all.

Babe, you were merely completing your mission and not kissing your boyfriend, am I right”

“Then what do you want me to do…”

When she lifted her head, he suddenly let go of her shoulders and grabbed her waist, towering over her domineeringly.

He started kissing her.

Caught off guard, he planted a hot kiss on her cold lips.

She was stunned for a moment before she quickly regained her senses.

This time, she did not struggle but allowed him to kiss her without restraint.

They lingered for a while before Mu Feichi slowly let go of her.

He looked at her dazed expression with a deep gaze and felt a sense of pleasure before turning his head to nibble on her ear.

His deep voice resonated with charm as he murmured to her seductively.

“This is what a kiss between a couple should be like.

Babe, your skills are terrible.

Learn more!”

“…” At this moment, Yun Xis entire face looked like a cooked shrimp.

Her cheeks were burning hot, and she wished to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

“I will inform the managing editor of the media under the Mu Corporation to follow your plan.

They will create as much trouble as you want.

This media dictates the direction of Jingdu and leads the conversation.

If you throw a torpedo in, it should be able to blow up a lot of fish.”

“Hmm, then Ill take this chance to plot again.

Im prepared to make a move on the Han family.

If the mastermind this time was really Han Hongbin, then the Han family… I wont show any mercy!”

“Fine, you can do whatever you want.

Im behind you, so you dont have to worry about anything.

Ill make use of these next few days to get the Jiang family to cancel the engagement.

Otherwise, if my relationship with you is exposed, youll be the one who suffers.

Rumors are scary, and I dont want anyone to gossip behind your back.

Even if you dont care, I wont allow it.”

“Youll take charge of the proceedings I can handle it myself.”

With Mu Feichis overbearing methods, he would definitely not resolve the issue with Grandpa Jiang tactfully.

She really did not want to hurt his feelings.

“Ill handle this matter.

Theres no room for negotiation.

If I let you come, I dont know how long it will take.

Ill have to continue to suffer.”


“No buts.

Ill handle it.

You dont have to worry.

I know Grandpa Jiang likes you, so Ill ask my grandfather to help me with this.

Ill let the two seniors discuss it between themselves.

It wont seem like Im being rude.”

“Grandpa Mu” Yun Xi recalled the time when she went to the Mu family home.

Grandpa Mu had a loving smile and kind heart, and, above all, he valued family peace.

He had the bearing and demeanor that a century-old noble family should have.

“So you dont have to worry about any problems.

Just focus on preparing what you need to do.”

“Okay, I got it!”

“Ive applied for you to take leave from school.

You can stay at the Mu Mansion for the next few days.

You can go to class when your forehead is better.”

“Got it.

Is Gu Baifan still on Tianyu Mountain I need to talk to him!”

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