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Chapter 1146: An Entire Night

Mu Feichi glanced toward Mu Mansion.

“Hes inside.

Lets go in!”

After taking a few steps, though, Mu Feichi stopped again.

He seemed to have thought of something as he looked at the small figure holding onto his arm.

“I just confessed to you.

Isnt this the time for us to be intimate Babe, are you sure its appropriate to talk about work now”

Yun Xi raised her head.

When she saw his gloomy expression, she could not help but raise her hand to stroke his face, coaxing him with a sweet voice, “When we finish talking business, we will have an entire night to be intimate.

Be good!”

An entire night… These three words made someones imagination run wild!

Even though she was still underage, and he could not really do anything to her, they could still talk about love under the blankets and kiss each other.

In the past, even when he had so shamelessly stayed on her bed, their hearts had never been so close.

For soldiers like him who did not know if they would live to see the next day, such a time was extremely luxurious.

Stepping into the living room, Yun Xi looked at Gu Baifan, who was playing ball with Great White on the sofa.

She turned around and asked the butler if she could have a vase for her roses.

She tore the wrapper from the roses and placed them into the vase.

“Baifan, I need to talk to you.” As soon as Yun Xi walked forward, Great White pounced on her and pressed her down on the sofa.

“What would you like Tell me.” Gu Baifan, who had had a relaxed look on his face, changed his expression to a serious one and leaned back on the sofa.

Yun Xi patted Great Whites head and looked at the man opposite her.

“I want all the details of the collaboration projects that the Han Corporation is involved in.”

“The Han Corporation has been collaborating on a lot of projects recently.

In order to make up for the loss of funds they incurred after Han Wanling offended the Young Commander, the Han Corporation has lowered their threshold of cooperation during the past six months.

Therefore, they have a lot of ongoing projects.

Tell me which aspects you want me to work on, and Ill be able to help you find what you want faster.”

The Han family was the family with the most business dealings among the big four most wealthy families.

Gu Baifan was right to ask her for more details.

Yun Xi thought about the projects that the Han Corporation had participated in during her previous life.

She carefully went through all the projects in her head before asking, “Are there any real estate projects”

“Yes, certainly.” Gu Baifan took the laptop from the coffee table and turned it on.

He found some of the documents she wanted and pushed his laptop over to her.

Yun Xi carefully looked through the documents and found the one she wanted.

After confirming that it was a project that had taken place in the past year, she finally relaxed a bit.

There were still some things that had followed their original course even though some peoples trajectories had strayed from their original path because of her rebirth.

“For this project, I need you to investigate three things.

Find someone to investigate the company responsible for this project, the person in charge of the negotiations, and the material tests for this project.

I want the industry-compliant method of testing, not the modified material that they sent for testing.

If there are no accidents, you will be able to find unexpected surprises in all three aspects.”

“What kind of surprises Tell me first so that I can investigate what youre talking about and save time and effort.”

Gu Baifan looked at her in confusion.

She had chosen this one from so many projects with such certainty, and her tone of absolute certainty made him feel incredulous.

Did she know something in advance, or had she discovered something

Yun Xi raised her eyes and met Gu Baifans surprised and confused gaze.

Only then did she realize that she seemed to have said something weird and hurriedly changed her words.

“The contractors are cutting corners, the project manager is corrupt, and there are problems with the construction materials.

These are the things that you will be able to find out.”

Beside the arched door, Mu Feichi was also very surprised when he heard these words.

With a little smile, he quietly turned around and sat down beside Yun Xi, raising his eyes to look at Gu Baifan.

“Just do what she asks.

Dont ask so many questions.”

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