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Chapter 1152: She Is the Perfect One

“The more impatient you are, the more you will lose your chances.

Youre so impatient.

Have you got the girls permission I feel like youre chasing her more than she is chasing you in this relationship.

What if she was never into you, to begin with”

“Grandpa, some things are better left unspoken even when you see them.”

“Ho, ho, ho, you mean theres something you cant have for the first time in your life Thats rare!”

“As long as I can want something, it will be mine.

Anyway, she has accepted me now.

All I have to do is clear up any obstacles in our path and wait for her to come of age.

The rest has already been settled.”

Holding the teacup, he took a small sip.

The refreshing bitterness passed by the tip of his tongue and left a sweet aftertaste in his mouth.

It did not take much for a heart to shake.

It could be a split second, but the feeling could stretch to eternity.

Sometimes feelings will emerge with no logic or sense, but, with determination and persistence, he believed he would be able to maintain them.

“We could announce it when she comes of age.

Why are you in such a hurry”

“Something happened recently.

Someone tried to eliminate her in the last few days.”

Mu Feichi recounted the recent happenings to his grandpa.

As he listened, Grandpa Mus expression slowly darkened and his chilling gaze intensified.

He spoke solemnly, “If they already know she is your weakness, if you push her out now it will only bring her harm.

Im sure you know this.”

“I am aware, and I know that the ones to stand by my side cannot be ordinary civilians.

At least she trained with Instructor Yan for three months and has the basic knowledge of self-protection.

But in terms of tactics, she definitely needs more training.

If I push her out now, she will have more time to adapt to the situation.

Besides, in terms of strategy, Yun Xi is almost on the same level as I am.

If you think I am exaggerating, Grandpa, you can watch and see what I mean.

Mu Feichis gaze moved down, and his slender finger tapped on the rim of the cup.

There was a chill in his cool dark pupils as he continued.

“Jingdu is a chessboard that will fall under her hands.

She may be young, but her methods are impressive, even by my standards.

With more training, shes the perfect one to fulfill the role of being the head of the Mu family.”

“This is the first time in years that I have heard you have so many praises for a girl.

If you let her handle the old guys and stir up this cesspool in Jingdu, Im sure you know what will happen.

But seeing you so confident of her, Grandpa is hopeful too.

Lets hope the situation is still salvageable.

He was a soldier, and he could handle burdens and be responsible for them.

Therefore, he did not need to worry about situations that seemed impossible to handle.

“As long as my grandson understands what hes risking.

I trust your judgment of people.

No matter what happens, you are sure of your burdens and responsibilities.

“Its good that you know.

The girl seems great too, I can tell.

With her by your side, you can reel in some of your battle presence.

The Mu family does not need a business-related marriage.

We marry these people because we want to spend our lives with them.

If you dont like them, it would be a long painful life ahead.

Ive lived through this and I know the days ahead will be a lesson on the true definition of feelings.

Being with someone that makes you happy should be your top priority.”

He thought about the tragedy that had occurred to the father and he hoped this would not be repeated on his grandson.

HMMM! “I understand.” Mu Feichi nodded and his eyes were fixed on the carvings on the sides of the teacup, each stroke intercrossed and overlapped with each other in a dizzying pattern.

The cracks resembled the walls in her heart that he believed would slowly crumble.

He awaited the day he could fully understand her heart.

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