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Chapter 1153: Tolerance and Love

“All right, Ill take care of this matter for you.

I hope that girl wont disappoint me when the time comes.”

Although he had retired and stayed at home for many years now, ignoring the storms outside, he was still very clear about the current situation in Jingdu.

It was not going to be easy for that girl to break up the current situation.

Although she was very skilled at medicine at such a young age, she also had to be outstanding in terms of strategy and skills in order to secure her position as the Madame of the Mu household.

Mu Feichi smiled confidently.

“Grandpa, you just wait and see!”

Grandpa Mu snorted and stood up.

Mu Feichi quickly stood up to help him up.

“Come on, lets go downstairs.

I havent seen that girl for quite some time.

Your grandmothers rheumatism has been treated according to the prescription she gave, and shes fine now.

The girls medical skills are amazing.

A few days ago, all the old guys in the military hospital wanted to see her.”

“She is indeed talented in the art of healing.

She is also studying medicine at the university.

When I go to war in the future, she will be able to follow me.”

Grandpa Mu glanced at him and scoffed.

“I dont believe you can bear to let her face those bloody scenes with you.”

He was an old man who had survived the rain of bullets.

So how could he not understand the cruelty of the battlefield

“Even though she doesnt enjoy the cruelty of the battlefield, this is something she wants to do.

She wants to accompany me into battle.

As long as its something she wants to do, I will allow her to do it.”

Initially, he had wanted to protect her and keep her under his wing so that she could stay safe for the rest of her life.

Now he hoped that she could stand shoulder to shoulder with him, and he knew what they needed.

Sitting in the living room, Yun Xi was chatting with the old madame about her health.

After confirming that the old madames rheumatism was fine and she hadnt relapsed, she heaved a sigh of relief.

As she looked up, she saw a figure coming down from upstairs.

She stood up and called out softly, “Hello, Grandpa Mu!”

“Yun Xi is here.

Have a seat.

How is Grannys rheumatism Are you sure shes fine”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Theres no problem.

Its good that she takes care of herself more.

After all, when youre old, you cant compare to when you were younger.

You should follow the prescriptions I gave you and take care of yourself generally.

Normally, there wont be any problems, nor will there be any relapses.”

“Thats good!” Grandpa Mu hastened to say, “A few of my old comrades have rheumatism.

When are you free to take a look at them They heard that you cured Grandma Mu and they all want to see you.

You know that this illness isnt easy to treat.

Theyve undergone a lot of traditional Chinese medicine and western treatments, and they just cant cure it.”

“Im currently studying at Jingdu University.

I dont have classes on Saturday and Sunday, so I can come over to see the old generals.

My medical skills arent very deep…”

“You dont have to worry about that.

We all trust you.

Isnt Grandma Mus illness the best example Just come, Ill take you to see them later.

How about we do this on Saturday”

Grandpa Mu had always been swift and decisive.

Once he had decided on something, he made a prompt decision.

“Okay, then Ill come over Saturday morning.”

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi, and when she saw him nod at her, she knew that he had already come to an agreement with the old man.

She really felt bad that she had to trouble the old man to speak for her in person.

Grandpa Mu was a discerning person and knew what they were worried about.

He coughed lightly.

“Lass, Feichi has already asked me to explain the engagement to Grandfather Jiang.

You dont have to worry about it when we announce it.

You two are in love.

Im not an old antique and wouldnt do something like breaking up a couple.

How far you two can go will depend on your fate.

Your children and grandchildren will have their own blessings.

As elders, we wont interfere!”

Hearing Grandpa Mus words, Yun Xi felt a bit more at ease.

She had never thought that the Mu family would accept her.

Yet the Mu family had given her, a lowly little girl, the greatest tolerance and love.

The graciousness and bearing of an aristocratic family were far beyond her imagination.

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