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Chapter 115: Call the Police!

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“Mom, theres the evidence.

Are you still going to try to make me take the blame for Yun Ziling”

“How could this happen Its impossible!”

Liang Xiuqin stared at the jade seal in the brocade box.

Shed definitely handed it to Liang Xinyi personally, so how could it have been returned

Liang Xinyi had wanted to stay in Jingdu, so she had dared not disobey her.

If that wretched girl Yun Xi had somehow put it back, it would have been impossible to do it so quietly, let alone without anyone realizing it.

She has just returned from the countryside, so she didnt have any connections yet, and there was no way she was conspiring with the manager.

If it wasnt her, then who was it…

Who was it who was framing them

“Mom, I didnt steal the watch.

It really wasnt me…”

Despite the hard evidence, Yun Ziling clenched her hands and shook her head desperately.

She couldnt admit anything.

She hadnt done anything at all.

If she was found guilty of theft today, there would be no hope for her to fraternize with upper-class society in the future.

Turning her head, she looked at Yun Xi, who was acting as if it had nothing to do with her.

No matter how stupid she might be, she definitely didnt believe that all this had happened by accident.

Her mother had tried to frame Yun Xi, but shed never expected her plan to backfire on her instead.

If Yun Xi had done nothing…, she didnt believe that for a second!

It must have been her.

She had framed her!

“Sister, why are you framing me Ive never done anything wrong toward you.

You framed me just to ruin my reputation.

What good does it do for you”

“You keep saying that I framed you, but you havent come up with any evidence.

Its obvious that you made a mistake, but you want to make me the scapegoat.

Yun Ziling, do you think everyones so blind The high heels on the surveillance footage are yours.

If you have any doubts, Im not afraid of another round of inspection.”

With that, she turned sideways slightly and moved her legs from under the table.

Lifting up the hem of her dress, she revealed a pair of white flat shoes under the dress.

She was able to prove her innocence so easily because of Young Marshal Mus engineer hacker.

Although it seemed like that footage had been overlooked when editing, in fact, the surveillance footage of the shoes was deliberately added to make it seem that way.

Young Marshal Mu really didnt show any mercy at all when carrying out his vendetta.

“The gown on Yun Ziling seems to be Ling Jings design.

Could it also have been stolen” Someone among the guests suddenly commented.

Almost Immediately, everyone turned their attention toward Yun Ziling.

Yun Ziling was just about to explain herself when she suddenly remembered how shed smugly gloated about it in front of all those socialites, so explaining it now would be like slapping herself in the face.

Upon being talked about, Ling Jing felt a kick under the table from Mu Feichi, so he had no choice but to stand up and walk over to where the guests were discussing his dress..

As soon as he walked over, the socialites all started frantically fawning on him.

“Ling Jing, did she steal this gown”

“It doesnt look like she can afford one of your high-end gowns, so she must have stolen it as well!”

Ling Jing smirked and glanced at Yun Ziling, who wore his gown so terribly, then he frowned.

“If taking without the owners consent counts as stealing, then I guess so.”

With realization dawning on their faces, the socialites gazed at Yun Ziling with disdain and contempt in their eyes.

They had been wondering how someone like her could have gotten Ling Jings design, but now it turned out that she had stolen it also.

How utterly shameless!

“No…it wasnt like that…the gown is really…”

Before Yun Ziling had finished speaking, Jiang Wanyun couldnt stand it anymore and interrupted her.

“Now that I know whats been going on, manager, call the police! Let the police come over! The auction will proceed as planned!”

Yun Zilings mind was being blown again and again.

How could Yun Xi be such a despicable sister!

When Jiang Wanyun thought of how outrageous Liang Xiuqin was, she actually wasnt that surprised that she had such a daughter.

“No…Madame Chen, I didnt do it! I dont want to go to the police station!”

Yun Ziling and Liang Xiuqin had panicked when theyd heard that someone was calling the police.

Yun Ziling looked toward Jiang Henglin with panic and helplessness in her eyes, and she desperately asked for his help, “Second Young Master, it wasnt me, it really wasnt me…”

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