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Chapter 1160: Sacrificial Lambs

Five people anxiously tried to guess the Young Commanders intentions at this Hongmen Banquet held in the club.

They arrived at the private room one after another early in the morning and waited anxiously.

No one could guess what Mu Feichi wanted to meet them for.

Previously, when they had attacked the lass, they had only hoped that the Young Commanders recent actions would stop, and he would divert his attention away from them.

However, no one expected that not only would the car accident not achieve the effect they wanted, but they had also not managed to kill the lass.

However, the Young Commander did not take any action.

The calm before the storm made them feel uneasy and fearful…

They were all worried that the Young Commander was planning for them to fall into a trap.

Before they could figure out what was going on, the ambush came.

This was their best and only chance to test him.

In order not to miss this opportunity, those who were not resourceful enough had exposed themselves.

At the entrance of the private room, Yun Xi raised her hand and knocked on the door.

She couldnt have cared less if the people inside consented or not and she directly pushed open the door and entered the room.

The five people who had been startled by her knock all turned to look at the door.

When they saw Yun Xi walking in, their expressions instantly turned into hideous grimaces.

Actually, they did not have any deep hatred toward this girl.

If they had not found out that she was the Young Commanders weakness, they would not have made a move on her.

More important, in order to protect their families and businesses, sacrificing such an unknown girl seemed like no big deal to experienced businessmen like them.

Where there was light, there would be darkness.

These men shouldered their entire familys honor, and human lives were no longer as important to them as their benefits and personal gains.

For the sake of the bigger picture, they had agreed to Han Hongbins suggestion to make an example out of her.

However, they had underestimated how important this lass was to the Young Commander.

The car accident at the crossroads had not killed her.

That had not been in their plans, and it was followed by an unpredictable storm.

In their panic, they were all eager to know what the Young Commanders plans were so that they could plan their next steps.

“Hey, Young Commander, there arent many people at your Hongmen Banquet today.”

The moment she stepped into the room, Yun Xi swept her gaze over the five people who stood up one after another, and she teased Mu Feichi, who was standing behind her smiling.

Mu Feichi turned around to pull out a chair for her, facing the five of them.

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes, and her cold gaze landed on these five shady businessmen.

They were young men, only in their 40s or 50s.

They were probably the heads of their family businesses.

Most of them were corporate directors who had become rich overnight.

Compared to Han Hongbin, who belonged to one of the four wealthiest clans, their status was much lower.

It was no wonder that they would listen to his orders.

“Looks like those who didnt come are unafraid of death.

The few who came are all scared of death and not worth mentioning.”

Perhaps they had never taken Yun Xi, a young girl with no status or family background, seriously, but the man in the middle of the crowd berated her angrily, “Little girl, dont speak in such a rude manner!”

“Im telling the truth.

I thought I was inviting Han Hongbin over, but it looks like youve become his sacrificial lambs.

Hes indeed cunning.

Compared to him, you guys are weak.”

Han Hongbin was no fool.

Since he knew that this was a Hongmen Banquet, he would not put himself in danger.

He knew very well that the Young Commander would not touch the Han familys position, so how he wanted to deal with these people was of no concern to him.

They were all simply pawns that he had used and now abandoned.

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