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Chapter 1162: The Girl Was in Charge

Everyone looked at Mu Feichi for help, but he acted as if he had not noticed anything and stood quietly behind Yun Xi.

His attitude told everyone that the girl was in charge of everything today.

“Young Commander…” The CEO of the Meng family looked at Mu Feichi pleadingly, his entire body trembling.

“What…what does this mean”

Whatever this girl was doing, the Young Commander would not interfere.

They knew that he was in agreement with her.

If he had really wanted to kill them, he only needed to move his fingers to deal a blow to their commercial dealings, and their companies would disappear from Jingdu within two days.

However, he did not do that.

All the events that happened today were under this girls control.

She was the director of the show today.

“Its useless to look at him.

Today, Im the one whos going to settle scores with you guys.

If the Young Commander were to make a move, do you think you guys would still be standing here”

Yun Xi swept her eyes over these middle-aged men who were all extremely nervous, and then she lightly snorted.

“Ill ask one more time, who was the person who came up with this rotten idea”

“Yes…okay.” The CEO of the Meng family looked at the other people who did not dare to speak up.

He trembled with fear, but, after a while, he mustered his courage.

“It was Han Hongbin.

He was the one who suggested it.

We…we were only trying to protect ourselves.

Recently, the Young Commander has been clamping down and arresting many people, destroying many of their hideouts.

We were worried that we would be implicated, so we…”

“So you wanted to strike first to gain the upper hand and kill me so that you could make an example out of me Did you intend to coerce the Young Commander into restraining himself this way”

When the CEO of the Meng family heard that, he raised his head suddenly and looked at Yun Xi in surprise.

“H…how did you know… Thats exactly what Han Hongbin said…” Yun Xi narrowed her eyes as her expression gradually turned ice-cold.

Han Hongbin had wanted to kill her so badly even though he was aware of her relationship with Mu Feichi.

Hed even had the guts to threaten Mu Feichi by making an example out of her.

Now, hed pushed all these guys into being his scapegoats while he merely waited in the shadows to reap the benefits.

His plan was not simple indeed.

“Looks like Han Hongbin is going to make you guys the scapegoats today.

If you guys want to protect yourselves, provide me with evidence that Han Hongbin is involved in this, then Ill let you go.”

Her target today was not these mid-level businessmen.

Han Hongbin did not attend the Hongmen Banquet because he wanted to push the blame on them and protect himself.

If she did not get anything out of this, her plans for today would be in vain.

The five of them looked at each other.

Han Hongbins act of pushing the blame on them was equivalent to betraying them.

Compared to his status, the Young Commander would ensure their safety.

“I…I…I have the recording from that day when we played golf…”

The CEO of the Meng family stood up timidly.

He had a habit of recording things.

After all, he was aging, and his memory was not very good.

He had brought the recording device to facilitate socializing at work.

“Very good, CEO Meng.

Ill let you off today, but I dont want it to happen again.

You can leave before the police arrive.”

The CEO of the Meng family looked at Yun Xi and Mu Feichi gratefully as if he had been granted amnesty.

“Thank you…thank you, Young Commander.

I…I will definitely not get involved in such matters anymore.

I was involved because I had no choice.

I hoped that I could find a place among the wealthy families, but I didnt expect…”

He did not expect this industry to be a bottomless pit.

Although the business world was full of scheming against each other and easy money, it was still illegal.

Looking at the information that the Young Commander had revealed today, it was clear that all of them were under the Young Commanders surveillance.

No matter how much they tried to cover it up, it would only make things worse.

There was nothing they could hide from him.

Yun Xi could not be bothered to give him another look.

After receiving the recording device hed handed over, she coldly spat out two words, “Get lost!”

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