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Chapter 1164: First Move

Standing at the entrance of the club, Yun Xi looked nonchalantly at the police car as it drove away with the paparazzi chasing after it.

She turned to look at the man beside her.

With a half-smile, she jokingly asked, ” Young Commander, what do you think Han Hongbin will do when he sees the breaking news”

“He wont do anything.

He responds to all changes with no change.

After all, he is an old fox.

He understands what you understand.”

“Is that so Then Ill use this recording device to sink him.

That old fox has always been such a schemer behind the scenes.

He probably thought you would use some kind of big move to deal with them.

Im afraid he never dreamed of such a simple and brutal way.

This time, Ill let him mess himself up first!”

Mu Feichi took the recording device out of her hand.

“There will be someone to take care of this.

You dont have to worry.

I guarantee that you will see this news spread all over Jingdu tomorrow morning.”

Yun Xi nodded and laughed lightly.

“Then I will wait and see!”

The news that four CEOs had been caught mixed up in a ring of drug trafficking spread throughout Jingdu in a single morning.

Every media channel in Jingdu was covering this incident.

Chen Yichen was quite surprised when he saw this news.

If these men were involved in drug trafficking, he might have noticed some evidence of this, but a deadly thing like drug use, they certainly would not have dabbled in that.

Especially an incident like this where they were caught abusing drugs, it was highly suspicious.

Secretary Xu Han deliberately looked up.

“President, this matter looks suspicious.

Shall we investigate it”

“No, the fact that they were arrested so suspiciously is odd.

The only one who could gather them together like this, if it was not the big four wealthiest families, then it must be the Young Commander.

These four CEOs being arrested gives us the perfect opportunity to strike.

Go ahead and start the acquisition.”

“But…acquiring four groups at once…the capital turnover may be a bit of a problem…”

Furthermore, at such a time, they are definitely not going to be the only ones who are eyeing these four groups, and people from other families will certainly also seize the opportunity to strike.

“Ill call my father first to inform him.

You go and start the preparations.”

“Once the acquisition begins, if the funds are difficult to turn over, our project with the Han group will likely be interrupted.

Is it possible for you to reconsider, President”

For the sake of the girl, he, as the eldest son, has repeatedly made exceptions.

And now the big issue involving the survival of the company, he, as the secretary, still hopes that he would reconsider a little more.

Appearing to have heard his concern, Chen Yichen lightly laughed.

“You think the acquisition will be so smooth The Han family has a lot of money, so they will definitely also make a move.

In order to prevent them from continuing to grow, I will have to make the first move.

I will convince the board of directors that the cooperation with the Han family was originally only a bait.

How big a fish can now be caught will depend on whose tactics are more clever in the end.”

Unable to argue with this, Xu Han sighed lightly.

“All right then…Ill inform them of the meeting.”

Xu Han turned and left the office.

Chen Yichen got up from his chair and turned his dark eyes toward the cold hard concrete forest outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, his sullen eyes hostile in all directions.

He will not forgive anyone who had ever tried to lay a hand on that girl.

Han Yaotian is still not clear about Han Hongbins dealings with the black market, but Han Wanling is very clear.

The moment she saw the news reported on TV, she lost interest in shopping, leaving Liang Xinyi behind and rushing straight to the Han group.

Although Han Hongbin had already handed over most of the power to Han Yaotian, he was still the chairman of the group and still needed to take care of it.

When Han Wanling rushed in, Han Hongbin had just finished talking with an old friend.

Both of them had been a little surprised and a little panicked when they had read the news report.

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