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Chapter 1171: Lets Make It More Fun

Gripping the megaphone, Han Wanling stood helplessly listening to the voices of the workers.

No matter how loud she tried to speak, they were unwilling to listen to her.

The workers emotions were at a high peak, especially after hearing who Han Wanling was.

They were unwilling to let her talk to them.

The daughter of the Han Corporation CEO must give them a proper settlement.

Han Wanling almost lost her voice promising the workers that they would be paid their due, but she had no proof to give to back up her promise.

It mattered little to the workers what she had to say.

The situation was slowly deteriorating and the emotions grew.

It seemed as if violence was about to break out at any moment.

Even if Han Wanling was being protected by the project leader, an overwhelming number of workers had surrounded them, and she was unable to break free.

It was at this moment that an unknown voice called out, “Shes the daughter of the CEO of the corporation.

We cant let her go.

If she stays here, the Han Corporation will have to bring money to pay us.”

“Right! We cant let her go!”

At that moment, Han Wanling became the target of all of them.

The pushing crowd tightened their circle around Han Wanling.

Every worker was pushing and stomping their feet.

The situation had become a total mess.

Then Han Wanling was hit by a few punches in the chaos.

Someone in the crowd threw their safety helmet aggressively at her, and it hit her as she was crouching down into a ball and screaming with her hands covering her head.

On the curb not too far away, Yun Xi rolled down her window and witnessed Han Wanling surrounded by an angry mob.

Her eyes had a chilling shine as she watched what was going on.

Han Wanling was a reflection of who she had been in her previous life.

She had been there too.

Standing in a crowd, surrounded by hundreds of people who misunderstood who she was and at their mercy.

She remembered the workers also using their helmets as weapons against her.

If the people shed brought with her had not controlled the situation and if the crowd hadnt been pacified by her explanation and her actions, the situation would have been disastrous for her.

Han Wanling had replaced her now, and she seemed more useless, unlucky, and humiliated than she had been in her last life.

Her misfortune had been fully passed on to Han Wanling.

Yet witnessing what had happened to Han Wanling from the perspective of an outside observer made her realize how foolish she had been to risk it all for Han Yaotian.

“Lets go!” Yun Xi turned away from the scene and rolled up the car window.

Closing her eyes, she leaned her head against Mu Feichis shoulder.

Her expression portrayed her fatigue.

This was something that called for a celebration, yet there was not a hint of happiness on her face.

Rather, Yun Xi seemed rather out of energy and desolate.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes to look at the girl resting on his shoulder.

He sighed softly and reached out to give her head a little massage before pulling her into his arms.

Although he could not understand why Yun Xi seemed rather upset, if she was unwilling to disclose it to him, he would not ask.

He was content to be a support for her who would accompany her even in silence.

QI Yuan who had witnessed this scene from the rear-view mirror was confused as well.

Han Wanlings overestimation of her abilities was fun to witness, yet Yun Xi did not seem to enjoy it as much as she should have.

The tense atmosphere made it hard for anyone to speak up.

The checkup at the hospital was quick, and Yun Xi was ready to leave in no time.

As she headed back into the car, Qi Yuan handed her a laptop for viewing.

A video was playing on the screen, and it depicted the scene of Han Wanling and the workers at the construction site.

The situation had become even more chaotic than it had been when they departed from the scene.

“Seems like the workers have taken Han Wanling hostage and are using her to force the Han Corporation to pay up.

Han Wanling has been injured as well and remains at the construction site.

Since the workers were not willing to let her go, the police have been notified.”

Watching the clip, Yun Xi gave a small laugh.

“The police were notified If this goes on, this will only add salt to the wounds of the Han Corporation.

Lets make this more fun for them.

Should we post Han Yaotian and Han Wanlings latest spending to the entertainment channels Everyone loves these tidbits, but these workers who are so concerned about their pay…seeing this will tick them off even more.”

“Okay, got it!”

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