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Chapter 1173: Han Yaotians Last Chance

Han Yaotian had thought that he was going to be able to meet with Mu Feichi by asking Gu Baifan, but hed received no reply for several days after hed sent the request.

When Gu Baifan finally got back to him, he told him that Mu Feichi was unwilling to meet with him.

After much deliberation, Han Yaotian decided to shift his focus back onto Yun Xi.

He recalled the closeness that the two had previously shared, and he was certain that they did not have an ordinary relationship.

Ever since what had transpired with Han Hongbin and with each passing crisis that the Han Corporation had faced, his suspicions had grown with certainty.

These series of misfortunes that they kept running into must be related to the Young Commander in one way or another.

If the Young Commander had not intervened somehow, he doubted that the Han Corporation would be in the deep waters it was in right now.

The crises came one after another, and he was at his wits and his strengths end.

There was only one person in all of Jingdu who could singlehandedly reverse this situation aside from the President and that would be Jun Countrys Young Commander, Mu Feichi.

He had been able to meet up with the Young Commander through Yun Xi and had even signed an agreement with him on a collaborative project.

It seemed that the easiest way to get to the Young Commander was through her after all.

So the moment he received the rejection from Gu Baifan, he asked his driver to pull up to the gates of Jingdu University.

Using his status, he bypassed the school board and asked for Yun Xi to be brought out to see him.

An instructor had notified Yun Xi that a guest was asking for her.

Wondering who had requested her presence, Yun Xi went out to find Han Yaotian waiting for her.

It was a surprise yet not a surprise at the same time.

She had been certain that Han Yaotian would approach her after he was rejected by Gu Baifan.

As well as she knew Han Yaotian, she wouldnt put it past him.

As she arrived at the school gates, Yun Xi looked over Han Yaotian.

In the year since she had arrived in Jingdu, Han Yaotian had grown as she had, and he seemed to be getting more and more charming every day.

However, Han Yaotian couldnt hold a candle to the Young Commander in Yun Xis eyes.

“Director Han Its you This is…”

Yun Xi turned to the instructor who had accompanied her to the gates and who was smiling awkwardly beside her and explained that she could leave.

To Han Yaotian and the apologetic smile he was wearing on his face, she said, “Quite a surprise to see so many staff members mobilized just for you to see me.”

“Its lunchtime, isnt it Why dont we have this discussion over food, Yun Xi”

“Oh Director Han, do you need something”

“I do.

Shall we talk as we go” Han Yaotian reached down and opened the car door for her and politely gestured for Yun Xi to get inside.

To any other woman, his gentlemanly attitude and chivalrous behavior would have shaken their hearts like an earthquake.

However, Yun Xi knew what he was made of and would never be fooled by the likes of him again.

Everything he did was for the sake of his own gain.

Yun Xi was aware that in order to get what he wanted, Han Yaotian would pretend all he needed to pretend and use as many women as possible.

Romance, love, and passion were simply tools for his manipulative schemes.

“I think I can guess what you need from me, Director Han.

I heard about what happened to the Han Corporation.

But Im not a business student, Im sure you can see that.

And this problem seems to be big trouble, big trouble that the corporation cant settle.”

Han Hongbin was trapped in a detention facility as well.

The anti-narcotics campaign was at its height, and Han Hongbins case was being treated with extra caution by the leaders of each department.

The hope for the Han family to be able to bail him out had been foiled by a series of reports on the inner workings of the Han family.

Han Yaotian did not deny what she said, but he arched his brows and nodded sadly.

“Big trouble indeed, therefore I would like to meet with the Young Commander and talk to him about this.”

“Im sure youve tried other ways to meet with the Young Commander.

The fact that youre here now proves that those ways did not work.

Im sure you know why the Young Commander does not wish to meet with you.”

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