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Chapter 1176: Waiting to Bloom

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Mu Feichi flipped through the acquisition plan proposal.

He was well aware of Gu Baifans business prowess.

If he hadnt realized that Gu Baifan had outstanding capabilities, he wouldnt have ignored the objections of certain of the older members of the board of directors who were not happy with the idea of a young man like Gu Baifan taking over the position of the Mu Corporations executive director.

Even though his title was only vice president, in actuality he was above everyone else.

He didnt have to consult others opinions, nor did he need to be responsible to others.

He only needed to take orders from Mu Feichi, and, when necessary, he could make decisions on behalf of him.

During the past few years, his performance had made the unhappy older members of the board stop complaining.

He had not let them down.

“Theres nothing wrong with this proposal.

Ill show it to the girl later.

If theres nothing that needs amending, you can carry it out.”

Gu Baifan nodded.


I understand… The Qiao family started to make their move the minute they noticed that the Han Corporation was in trouble.

Once we acquire the Han Corporation, the Qiao family will definitely take this opportunity to become one of the big four wealthiest families.

As for the Zhao family, they arent very united.

Although Old Master Zhao is nominally in charge of the family, most of the power is in the hands of his second son.

Although this second son is ruthless, he is not as capable as the current head of the Qiao family.

If these two families start to fight, the situation could go out of control.

We have to remind the girl about this.”

“I know.” Mu Feichi closed the proposal and sighed.

“Zhao Yumo is still young and inexperienced.

She is not the best candidate for the head of the family.

If the Qiao family were to become one of the big four wealthiest families first, and then the Zhao family began to compete with them, the situation could become very difficult.

However, the girl is right.

If we dont let the young mistress of the Zhao family gain some experience, it will be hard for her to mature.

Although there are no loopholes in her chess game, she is still too soft-hearted.”

Gu Baifan knew what he was referring to and chuckled.

“Shes a girl, after all.

Shes more emotional and not as rational and cold-blooded as a man.

If she was too vicious, she might not have been able to catch your eye.

Then she would have been just like her cousin, am I right”

“This is also where the girls charm lies.

She is different from us.

She has her bottom line, her bloodthirstiness, but she also has a pure and kind heart.

I do hope that she can keep this heart and not be corrupted by the world.

Mu Feichi sighed again.

“If necessary, I will remind her to discuss the acquisition plan with you.

She should learn how to seize every opportunity.”

“Okay, got it!”

“Go back and rest.

Give the whole team a raise.

Remember, before we do anything, we have to keep it all a secret.”

“I understand.”

As soon as Gu Baifan left, Mu Feichi turned around and looked at the magnolia planted on both sides of the courtyard.

Although it was only a few yards tall and not very thick, it should bloom next spring.

The flower planted in his heart was also waiting to bloom.

It took a long time for a flower to bloom, but his patience was unending when it came to her.

With his beloved in his heart, he was willing to wait.

In the CEOs office of the Chen Corporation, Chen Yichen looked at the screen.

The Han Corporations share price had almost hit the limit for a negative price during the past few days.

The entire screen was green.

The curve of the wave seemed to have increased over the past two days.

After some investigation, they discovered that many small shareholders were selling their stocks.

Because Han Yaotian could not come up with an effective solution, many of the shareholders were starting to get restless.

Xu Han, Chen Yichens secretary, knocked on the door and came in to deliver the shares transfer agreement that Han Yaotian had just signed back to him.

“CEO, this is what you wanted.

Ive been investigating these last few days, and Ive discovered that someone else is also buying shares from the Han Corporations shareholders..”

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