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Chapter 1178: Ascending to Heaven

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Han Wanling suddenly sat up straight, her eyebrows furrowed, as she pondered what he had just said.

“Its impossible! Based on the Young Commanders feelings for that girl, its impossible for him to have done nothing when Dad did something so stupid.

I feel that this is just the beginning…”

Although she did not know the Young Commander well and could not imagine what he was thinking, she felt that she was definitely on the right track.

The Han Corporation was suffering heavy losses, one after another.

It was as if it had all been planned in advance.

They did not even have time to deal with one thing before something else happened.

However, if the Young Commander had not done anything, who was the one behind this

The other members of the four wealthiest families could not possibly have such capabilities.

After all, the checks and balances that had long been established among these four families were set in stone.

Even if it were the Young Commander, he would not easily touch the Han familys position in Jingdu.

Han Yaotian also had this concern when Yun Xi said that the Young Commander would not interfere or help.

He was even more worried that there could be an even deeper trap waiting for them.

The more Han Wanling thought about it, the more frustrated she became.

She raised her head and looked straight ahead.

Her sharp, vicious eyes became ice-cold.

“Whats going on with the lawyers Didnt they say that they could bail Dad out Why are they not doing it”

“How would I know Do you think I dont want to bail Dad out” Han Yaotian looked equally annoyed.

“The lawyer said that there was no actual evidence, so the chances for bail were high.

But for reasons unknown to us, someone from the higher-ups has been interfering with this case.

The lawyer has become more cautious because of the seriousness of the situation.”

“Someone from above Is it the Young Commander”

“No, I asked someone to find out who it was.

The Young Commander really is doing what Yun Xi said he was going to do.

Hes not doing anything and will not interfere at all.”

“Its strange that the Young Commander isnt doing anything! We have to think of a way to get Dad out first of all.

Without Dad around, no one can keep those old fogies on the board of directors in check.

If the other families take this opportunity to suppress us and take advantage of us, the situation will be very disadvantageous for us!”

Han Yaotian did not say anything.

His face darkened as he looked at the traffic ahead.

He knew that he had to get Han Hongbin out, but in Jun Country, there was always something that money could not do.

This was especially so for the Han family, whose political connections were thin.

It was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

After this incident, Han Yaotian realized that if he wanted the Han family to gain a stronger foothold among the four wealthiest families in Jingdu, it would be impossible without connections in political and military circles.

The Han family had worked hard for so many years.

Even though they were richer than the other big four families, their connections in the military and political scene were still not as good as theirs.

If someone in the political scene had helped him, things would not have been so chaotic.

After class, Yun Xi returned to her apartment.

When she stepped into the door, she saw a figure sleeping on the sofa.

Perhaps because he was so tired, Mu Feichi did not hear her opening the door or entering the apartment.

The sofa in the living room was not very big.

In fact, it was smaller than a regular sofa.

Mu Feichi was quietly leaning back against a pillow, wearing only a black sleeping robe.

The robe was slightly open, revealing his tanned skin.

One could vaguely see his muscular chest that didnt have any excess fat.

His slender hand rested on his forehead.

Under the dim yellow light, his handsome profile looked serene.

Yun Xi could feel his relaxed, elegant aura everywhere in the room.

Squatting down, she hesitated about whether she should wake him up.

Then, just as she was about to get up and turn up the air conditioner in the living room, something tightened on her wrist.

She turned her head abruptly and saw that the man had already opened his eyes.

His dark eyes were clear as if he had not completely been asleep.

Before she could react, he pulled her into his arms..

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