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Chapter 1185: Jealousy

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi got into the back seat of the car.

As soon as Mu Feichi got into the car, he reminded Yi Qianmo, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, to keep his eyes to himself.

He didnt bother to try to conceal the fact that he was overbearing and unreasonable.

The atmosphere in the car wasnt very harmonious, and Yun Xi didnt want to pour oil on his jealousy by saying anything so she secretly kicked him and glared at him to try to get him to restrain himself.

He looked unhappy and didnt hide his jealousy and dislike for Yi Qianmos fabulously handsome face.

After all, ever since hed been a young boy, everything in his life had happened smoothly, and he had always been more handsome than any of the other boys.

And then suddenly, out came Yi Qianmo, who was better looking than he was.

So of course that was going to annoy him.

“What are you kicking me for He is just good-looking, but not necessarily useful.”

“How do you know Im not useful Mu Jinzhi, just say youre jealous of me and stop talking nonsense.”

You can question anything about a man, but you cant question a mans ability to do that one certain thing.

As soon as Mu Feichi had provoked him, the man in the passenger seat, who had been trying to control where he looked, turned his head around fiercely and glared at the aggravating man in the back seat with an annoyed face.

Even after more than ten years, Mu Feichi was still so childish.

He was jealous of Yi Qianmos good looks, but he refused to admit it.

“What nonsense.

Who knows if what youre saying is the truth”

“In front of your own woman, dont you feel ashamed”

Yi Qianmo really did not want to argue with him.

On the matter of looks, Mu Feichi hadnt been able to beat him since their childhood.

Furthermore, he wanted to restrain himself a little in front of the special person sitting in the car with them.

He glanced toward Yun Xi, the girl watching the show with a curious look, her eyes shining brightly.

She was just so adorable.

Such a cute little thing, he couldnt help but want to tease her a little.

When he saw her, he suddenly thought of something and felt that he finally had someone to help him get back all the aggression and oppression he had suffered for so many years at the hands of Mu Feichi.

“Yun Xi, look at this fellow.

Since childhood he has been jealous that I am better looking than he is.

Finally, he has found some aspect of himself that is inferior to others.

And it turns out to be the face that he is most proud of.

He has bullied me a lot over this.

Even at this age, he is still so hung up about it.

Dont you think that he is so jealous of me that he has become a demon He still refuses to admit that he is jealous of me.

Look at him…is he jealous of me”

Yun Xi blinked.

She did not intend to intervene in this petty fight between childhood friends.

She was not stupid.

No matter how much these two people messed around, their friendship was still there.

It was precisely because of their close relationship that they dared to joke with each other like this.

If they had been strangers, they would not have been so brazen as to banter with each other like this.

“…” Mu Feichi also looked at Yun Xi, his deep eyes arrogantly glaring at her.

It was as if she said one word wrong, he would pounce on her and kiss her to death.

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and smiled.

She thought to herself, well, Yi Qianmo has pulled her into the water, should she get involved or not

She turned to look at Mu Feichis expectant eyes and Yi Qianmos equally expectant and challenging look and sighed helplessly.

Well, she figured she had to say something…

She ruffled her bangs and said with a carefree expression, “This is your long history together.

I dont think I am qualified to make a judgment.

If youre talking about simply looks, yes, Yi does look a little better, but…

She had deliberately whetted their appetites.

“Looking so good makes it easy for girls to have low self-esteem in front of you and so usually it wont be easy to find a girlfriend.

A person who is hot-blooded and good looking like the Young Commander is more to my liking.”

A sentence that both praised Yi Qianmo and Mu Feichi should not offend anyone, right

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