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Chapter 118: The Inevitable Is Bound to Happen

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As the final item came up for auction, only after the host had introduced it to the guests did they find out that this last item was Young Marshal Mus personal item.

Liang Xiuqin, who was still feeling befuddled, was shocked and breaking out in a cold sweat when she heard the name of the Longyun Jade Seals owner.

Everything she couldnt understand moments before all suddenly made sense.

But she didnt believe that the wretched girl had anything to do with Young Marshal Mu.

If they didnt have connections, how did the jade seal return to the storage room

Or…was the one they gave her fake after all

But shed clearly instructed Liang Xinyi to put the seal in that wretched girls bag.

So how did it disappear

These puzzles in her head felt like a cloud of mist.

No matter how she racked her brains, she couldnt wrap her head around it.

Now, her only thought was how fortunate it had been that the jade seal had been returned.

Otherwise, if shed offended Young Marshal Mu, the entire Yun family would have suffered.

Yun Ziling looked at the name on the screen and the jade seal, and then nervously looked toward Liang Xiuqin.

When she saw her ghastly white face, she tugged at her arm anxiously.

“Mom…d*mn it! The jade seal was Young Marshal Mus personal item” They could have gotten into huge trouble.

“Dont panic!” Liang Xiuqin shook her head at Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyi.

None of the three dared speak any more.

They had already suffered embarrassment, so at the moment they had no choice but to keep a low profile.

When the auction ended, the Longyun Jade Seal had been bought back by Mu Feichi.

For some inexplicable reason, Jiang Henglin had originally wanted to bid on the jade seal, but he hadnt expected Mu Feichi to throw money at it and win it back.

Jiang Henglin dared not compete with Mu Feichi in terms of financial resources, so no matter how much he wanted it, he had to relent.

After the auction ended, old Madame Chen told Yun Xi to stay behind and instructed her staff to inform Yao Ying.

Yao Ying deliberately looked toward Liang Xiuqin, who had an unsightly expression on her face, and sneered.

“In terms of todays incident, youd better give father an account when you return home.”

The situation had gotten so out of control that they had almost gone to jail.

They had suffered complete embarrassment in front of so many upper-class elites.

Yun Yuanfeng would probably have a fit, not to mention the old man.

Liang Xiuqin suppressed her humiliation and gritted her teeth.

“What are you being so smug about”

After suffering such humiliation and now being ridiculed by Yao Ying, Liang Xiuqin was trembling with anger.

Yao Ying realized it was worthless to try and have a conversation with her, so she turned and walked away.

As soon as the auction was over, there was much gossip among the guests.

“Shes the vice presidents wife She brought up her daughter to be a thief.”

“From how uncouth she is, did you expect her to bring up a sophisticated, well-behaved daughter”

“Her eldest daughter seems quite affable.

I think old Madame Chen liked her very much.

Perhaps she wants her to become her granddaughter-in-law”

“I think thats possible.

However, that girl seems to be the fiancee of the Jiang familys second son.”

“Regardless of whether she marries into the Chen family or the Jiang family, arent they basically the same family in the end”

“Thats true!”

Walking behind all these gossiping people, Liang Xiuqin eavesdropped on all their comments while feeling awkward and embarrassed.

When she turned to look for that wretched girl Yun Xi, she discovered that she was nowhere to be found in the enormous venue.

After old Madame Chen had said a few more words to Yun Xi, she had her driver take her home.

After leaving old Madame Chen, Yun Xi followed the driver toward the car.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw the man sitting in the back seat, and she froze slightly.

Mu Feichi turned to look at her.

The defined contours of his profile made him appear unreadable at the moment.

Most of his body was hidden in the darkness, and his burning eyes stared at her like a predator watching its prey.

“Get in.”

“Okay…” The inevitable was bound to happen no matter how hard she tried to escape.

The car sped away into the gloomy night.

The bright lights outside the car window passed by, and the ambience in the car was quiet and awkward.

After a while, Yun Xi turned her head, and, through the dim light from outside the window, she got a clear look at the aloof man inside the car.

“Thank you for what happened at the auction, Young Marshal Mu.”

“What are you thanking me for”

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