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Chapter 1187: Trouble

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If it were not for the documents placed before her, Yun Xi would never have imagined this man to be such a fearless expert.

It was unthinkable that this handsome face was an expert sent down for the negotiations.

Yun Xi wondered if the enemy would be convinced by his persuasions at all since he lacked an intimidating presence.

Did he plan to use his looks to charm the enemy into defeat Yun Xi wondered.

“I guess I was a little naive…” Yun Xi shuffled the identification documents in her hands and returned them to Yi Qianmo.

Although his identity had been slightly hard to digest, for someone of his special status to arrive in Jingdu at this particular juncture worried Yun Xi.

“What brings you to Jingdu now Are you here for something important”

Yun Xi turned to Mu Feichi.

She knew her question was a little probing, but she could not help connecting his arrival to their attempted capture of Crocodile.

It was hard to believe that Yi Qianmo would have been invited to Jingdu over some trivial matter.

Yi Qianmo seemed to understand her concern.

He straightened his back and replied with a slight smile, “You should let the man sitting next to you explain.” He nodded in the direction of Mu Feichi.

“He was the one who invited me.”

Yun Xi fixed her gaze squarely on Mu Feichi.

Her worries were confirmed.

Mu Feichi must have a reason to have invited an international anti-terrorism expert.

Yun Xi knew something dreadful must have happened.

Mu Feichi returned her gaze.

He noticed her worried eyes, and he could not help but feel a pang of melancholy.

“You really want to know”

Yun Xi nodded.

“If its a military secret, then theres no need to share it with me.”

Aside from the conflict with Crocodile, Mu Feichi had never shied away from discussing significant issues with her.

Moreover, if it was a question that was beyond the boundaries of what she should know, Yun Xi would never pursue it.

She did not think she was the persistent type.

“Well, I invited him for two reasons.

One, the President requested that I set up and train an anti-terrorist unit to make sure that we suppress terrorism and aid the international anti-terrorism effort.

The second reason is…”

His words trailed off as Mu Feichi relapsed into silence.

His pupils became solemn as he studied Yun Xi.

“I recently received news, albeit with no evidence, that Crocodiles drug ring had agreed to collaborate with an A-class international terrorist group.

Theres a possibility they will use terror attacks to cause widespread panic as a form of distraction in order for Crocodile to set up new international drug routes.

Due to Crocodiles infamous mysteriousness, we have yet to uncover his true identity.

If any panic were to spread in Jun Country now, many things could spiral out of our control.”

His words sent a clear message to Yun Xi.

If the collaboration between Crocodile and the terrorist organization succeeded, the entirety of Jingdu would collapse into chaos.

Her plans would have to be halted if there was a terrorist attack.

Leaving the arrest of Crocodile aside, if she became the target of a terrorist organization, their situation would definitely take a turn for the worse.

Mu Feichis hands stretched out and lightly patted the top of Yun Xis head.

His expression was full of worry and heartache.

“Youve been a target of the fake Crocodile for a long time.

They are clear about what you mean to me.

If the organization were to make plans against you, no amount of protection would be able to prevent the unexpected.

Hence, I asked my brother Yi to return and teach you some basic anti-terrorist information.

But for the other self-defense techniques, you will have to train on your own.”

Their discussion had become a very serious one.

Yun Xi had been fully aware of the dangers that awaited her due to her relationship with Mu Feichi.

She had been the target of various kidnappings and attempted assassinations, and now she had become the target of an international terrorist organization.

She wondered why her special status had brought so much trouble.

No matter what, Yun Xi had promised herself, she would never become a burden to him and she would never drag Mu Feichi down..

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