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Chapter 1189: A Fathers Decision

Just as their fight was reaching a new height, Qiao Dehao emerged from his office and abruptly interjected, “Quiet, both of you! What are you fighting over”

Shooting Qiao Ximin a glare, Qiao Lixin turned and replied coldly, “Father, she wanted to do this the last time, but I was the one who closed the deal.

Now she wants to fight again.

If she had the potential, why didnt she accomplish anything last time”

“Enough, stop your fighting! Lixin, you go settle the first project.

We will leave this one to Ximin.

If she cant do it, then you take over.

Its settled.

No more fighting!”

“Father!” Qiao Lixin wanted to argue, but seeing that Qiao Dehao had made up his mind, he could only walk away in frustration.

Qiao Ximin had not been able to obtain the previous project, and he believed that, even if she were to sell herself to the Young Commander, she would still not be able to obtain this project.

If he wanted to take over in the end, all he had to do was watch her fumble.

Once Qiao Lixin had left, Qiao Ximin followed Qiao Dehao out of the house.

She was taken aback by Qiao Dehaos decision, but she was sure he had his reasons.

“Ximin, you may be a girl, but I know you are still capable.

About this project from the Han family, I let you handle it because I know you.

Do you understand me”

Qiao Ximin nodded, but she did not completely understand.

So she asked in a questioning voice, “Do you think I can persuade the Young Commander, Father”

Qiao Dehao nodded.

“I do.

If you can persuade him, the Qiao family can rise and join the ranks of the big four wealthiest families.

If you look at the Han family, it will be hard for them to rise after this.

If they receive another hit from the Young Commander, our chances of climbing will be even higher.

Moreover, if we have the Young Commander as a supporter, Im sure the Qiao familys future will be bright.

Are you beginning to understand”

The burden on Qiao Ximins shoulders intensified as the relationships were made clear to her.

She hesitated before replying, “I understand.

I will…try my best.”

It was no easy task to get to the Young Commander, especially at the present time when meeting him was as hard as climbing a mountain.

Moreover, she had offended Yun Xi and thus ruined her opportunity.

Qiao Lixin was able to meet with the Young Commander through Yun Xi and had even successfully negotiated a project.

The impossible had become possible.

Qiao Ximin had no other choice but to figure out the importance of Yun Xi to the Young Commander.

Only through understanding her enemy would she be able to handle them well.

The downfall of the Han family had transformed the collaborative project between the Han Corporation and the Mu Corporation into a massive and juicy lump of meat that now fell into a den of wolves.

The various elite families in Jingdu had been fighting over this opportunity like vultures.

Every day there was another call from another company director for a meeting with Gu Baifan.

He was swamped with requests to discuss the Han family problem.

The Mu Corporation had emerged unscathed from the scandal.

Many who were after this opportunity had fought to approach the Mu Corporation sincerely to propose a collaboration.

After much deliberation, Gu Baifan still had not made a decision.

It was at this time that Yun Xi had headed for his office with two coffees in hand.

“Come in, Miss Yun.” Gu Baifans secretary had brought Yun Xi into the office and left, closing the door behind her.

The sight of Yun Xi had made Gu Baifan raise his head from the mass of paperwork on his desk.

He put his pen aside and stretched in his seat.

“A rare guest.

Is today a special occasion Are you here to inspect your lovers empire”

Yun Xi stared at him wordlessly.

Then she walked toward his desk and placed the coffee in front of him.

“Im here to talk to you about something, but none of that foolish stuff.”

“Wow, you even brought a gift.

I was almost dozing off and needed the caffeine.

And here you are with it.”

Taking the coffee, Gu Baifan took a sip and gestured for Yun Xi to sit down..

“What do you need me for”

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