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Chapter 1190: Going to the Board Meeting

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Yun Xi sat down and asked Gu Baifan the question shed needed to know about.

“Just out of curiosity, has anyone from the Qiao family asked to meet you or the Young Commander about the project that was previously with the Han Corporation”

“Of course! Ever since the issues of this project were exposed, I thought the Mu Corporation was going to be dragged into it and even went to many officials to prepare for the worst.

Who would have thought that we got away with no damage and more popular than ever Before, no one dared to mess with the Han family, but now everyone cannot wait to tear them down.”

“The Han family has had their share of bad luck.

This was a hard project to obtain from the Young Commander, and they were planning to use the project to make up for the damages done by Han Wanling.

Who would have thought that such a piece of news would break out now and give the Han Corporation nowhere to go.

Knowing Han Yaotians character, he must have the most deep-rooted hatred for anyone who tries to take it from him.”

Gu Baifan nodded and studied Yun Xis sly expression with a half-smile.

“So, whats your plan”

Yun Xi squinted and thought for a while.

“I heard the Qiao family has been on the move recently.

Theyve been hiding in the shadows for so long, and they want to let their talents be known.

Lets use them to handle the Han family.”

Gu Baifan understood Yun Xis intentions immediately and nodded.

“Got it.

Qiao Ximin had tried to make arrangements with my secretary to meet, but I have yet to reply.”

Shrugging, Yun Xi replied, “Then Ill leave it to you! No need to give her a fast answer.

Actually, let it marinate for a few days.

It wont look too good for you to give a reply so quickly.”

Gu Baifan laughed.

“I know!”

Qiao Ximins attempted intervention was part of her plan.

How it would go was none of her business.

All she wanted was to see the results.

The Qiao family had ambitions of their own and the Han family was the same.

Even if the Prime Minister was on the Han familys side, there would always be unexpected things happening.

“Right, take a look at this.

I was planning to send it over to you.”

Gu Baifan passed over a blue file folder.

“The Han Corporation is holding a board meeting.

The meeting was pushed forward as a result of Han Hongbins arrest.

It seems to be an emergency meeting too.

Since youre a member of the board, would you like to attend the meeting personally or would you like me to send someone in your place”

Skimming through the documents regarding the meeting, Yun Xi could sum the contents up as an approach to handle the crisis.

The vice director Han Yaotian was responsible for making the decisions.

It was clear to Yun Xi that the moment she stepped into the meeting, her relationship with Han Yaotian would completely break down.

There would be no more respect between them, and they would be free to be as merciless as possible.

This was exactly what she had wanted to do in her second life in Jingdu.

She had wanted to ruin their relationship at the exact time of the crisis that had enveloped the Han Corporation, and she looked forward to what Han Yaotian would do in return.

“I plan to attend the board meeting personally.

Can I trouble you to prepare the information and the contract I hope I have the evidence to stand up against them when they try to take me down.”

“Will do.

I will prepare the documents and send them over to you.”

As she was leaving the Mu Corporation, Yun Xi received a call from team leader A.

He noted that Qiao Ximin had been observing her every move from the coffee shop diagonally across from the corporations building.

Yun Xi laughed lightly and turned to hail her car for her return trip to school.

It was going according to plan.

It was good that Qiao Ximin saw her entering the Mu Corporation.

If there was no reply from Gu Baifan, she would naturally look for Yun Xi.

However, she was looking forward to the board of directors meeting with the Han Corporation.

She wondered how Han Yaotian would react to her appearance..

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