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Chapter 119: Young Marshal Mu Is a Big Fish

“Thank you for not interfering, and thank you for letting Ling Jing come forward to help.”

Feeling a little uncomfortable from being stared at by him like this, Yun Xi turned her head away.

His handsomeness and suaveness were hard for any woman to resist.

As she was turning her head away, he grabbed her chin with his hand and forced her to face him again.

“Werent you tenderly gazing at Jiang Henglin just moments ago Why cant you bother to give me a second glance”

“…” Yun Xi was caught off guard, and somewhat baffled.

She blinked, and then pondered it for a while.

Something appeared to pop up in her mind.

The reason hed appeared so disgruntled at the banquet was perhaps because shed been looking at Jiang Henglin

What sort of bizarre reason was that

She definitely didnt gaze at him tenderly.

All she did was observe him so that she could find out more about her nemesis.

How did he see her tenderly gaze at him

“Young Marshal Mu, as long as you arent blind, you wouldve been able to tell that at the auction Jiang Henglin helped my sister throw me under the bus, and he did so smugly.

So if I gazed at him tenderly after that, wouldnt I be out of my mind”

Hearing her say this, Mu Feichis expression eased slightly.

At the auction, Jiang Henglin really hadnt behaved like a gentleman.

If she hadnt warned him against meddling, he would have come forward and beat him up.

“You won, but why were you so sure that if you used your sister as bait, you could fish out Jiang Henglin”

During that farce, shed successfully fought back against her mother and her sister.

Shed cleverly given them a slap in the face and put herself in an advantageous position.

And shed thrown Jiang Henglin under the bus.

Such an unnecessary move had made her appear shrewd in Mu Feichis eyes.

His little rascal wasnt someone who let herself suffer.

For her to allow Jiang Henglin to step on her like this, she must have had her own plan.

“Because…” Because she knew him well enough from her last life.

Jiang Henglin had a unique taste in women.

He liked two-faced fragile women.

Coughing slightly, she moved her fingers and pushed away his hand.

“Because he hates me.

Since he hates me so much, he definitely wouldnt just sit back and watch the farce without taking any action.”

“How did you know he would definitely make a move What if he wasnt interested”

“I knew he would be interested.

Because anyone with a discerning eye could see that my mother and my sister were framing me.

Helping them throw me under the bus would be satisfying for him.

He definitely wouldnt have passed up such a good opportunity.”

As soon as he made a move, she would have successfully fished him out.

“What was your purpose in catching him out You would never let yourself suffer losses.”

Yun Xi turned her head and smiled at him.

In the dimly lit car, the light from the car window passed over her delicate, sly face.

With the light and shadow alternating on her mirthful face, she appeared innocent.

She appeared so calm that she couldnt hide her thoughts.

“Im not blind, so of course Im not going to marry him in the future.”

She didnt want to say what her purpose for catching Jiang Henglin was, since it wasnt very scrupulous.

She just wanted to use Jiang Henglin to push her mother and Yun Ziling into the abyss of digging their own graves.

Todays farce was just the beginning.

At the beginning, she had won the battle.

From this day on, all the socialites in Jingdu would know what kind of people Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling were.

After causing such public humiliation, her father will not let her mother off the hook so easily.

This way, in order to keep their position in the upper-class circle, her mother and Yun Ziling would definitely cling to Jiang Henglin for dear life.

The rest of the matter would be easy to handle.

With the four of them together, it would be easier for her to deal with them.

“Jiang Henglin is not as simple as you think.

You could be digging your own grave.

Arent you afraid of getting outfoxed by him”

She didnt say, but he could probably guess who she wanted to fish out when she used Jiang Henglin as bait.

“Since I have the ability to catch him, it means that I have the ability to not let myself be outfoxed.”

She knew about Jiang Henglins ambitions and abilities, but she wasnt stupid.

She would never take reckless risks.

“If youre so confident, how come you didnt fish me out”

“Young Marshal Mu is a big fish.

I was afraid that instead of catching it, Id get dragged into the water instead.

Im not going to fight a losing battle!”

“I dont know whether to call you smart or stupid!”

Mu Feichi raised his hand and rubbed her head as he smiled helplessly.

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