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Chapter 1196: Ways to Destroy Them

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As Yun Xi walked out of the villa residences, Mu Feichi suddenly stopped his car in front of her.

She was surprised when she saw his familiar license plate.

She opened the door and got in.

After she had sat down, she opened the box of pastries and offered some to the man sitting beside her.

“Our housekeeper made them.

Theyre quite good.

Have a taste.”

Mu Feichi took a look at all of the different layers of the box and saw that it was filled with her favorite pastries.

His lips curled into a faint smile.

“Your housekeeper seems like a nice person.”

Feng Yang and Chen Yichen gave Yun Xis housekeeper quite a lot of money to keep an eye on her.

Mu Feichi knew it, but he turned a blind eye to it because the housekeeper was genuinely nice to Yun Xi.

With the housekeeper around, she could take care of Yun Xi in ways that they couldnt.

This way they wouldnt have to worry about Yun Xi getting bullied in her cruel family.

The housekeeper protected her and warned her about things.

Yun Xi nodded as she picked up a piece of red bean and water chestnut cake with a fork.

She then fed it to Mu Feichi.

“Yes, she treats me better than my own mother does.”

Mu Feichi looked down at the cake she was trying to feed him.

He didnt really like to eat desserts, but he couldnt reject what she gave him.

“What happened Were your parents bothering you again” Yun Xi kept on feeding him, so Mu Feichi grabbed her wrist and directed the fork back to her mouth instead.

“It was no big deal.

I can settle it myself.

My parents arent big problems to me anymore.”

Yun Xi had kept moving up in the world, but her parents were still stuck in the same place.

Now Yun Xi doesnt need to do or think much to stop their nonsense.

Yun Xi would probably be more vicious if they were not her parents.

However, it wouldnt look too good for her if people were to talk behind her back that she was a nasty daughter.

Although annoying, these obstacles wouldnt stop her from progressing to the top.

“What if they really became a stumbling block in your path one day What would you do”

If Yun Xi hadnt been their daughter, Mu Feichi believed she would have severed her ties with the Yun family long ago.

However, they were related by blood, and this relationship made it awkward for her.

Yun Xi could neither be vicious or ruthless.

It wasnt that she couldnt, but she knew she mustnt do that.

With Mu Feichi around, Yun Xi can do whatever she wants, as his partner.

But Mu Feichi knew that she valued her reputation.

So Yun Xi wouldnt put herself in a bad position where people would curse and spit at her.

Yun Xi turned to look at him, and she chuckled.

“Do you think I am still the little Yun Xi from when I first came back to Jingdu, the girl who needed some family warmth Then you are wrong.”

In the past year, too many things had happened.

From an innocent girl from the countryside, Yun Xi had learned to kill with her own hands.

And now, she had also become a sly and cunning person who could plot against others.

To turn Jingdu upside down, she had used almost all the skills she had learned.

It would really be a joke if one were to say that she was still the innocent and naïve Yun Xi.

Her eyes were sharp and clear like a mirror, and only Mu Feichi was reflected in them.

Mu Feichi could see her growth in her eyes.

And he could also see her increasingly firm and tough heart.

“If they really became obstacles in my path, I wouldnt hesitate to destroy them.

But, if you are worried about my reputation in the future affecting you, there are ways to do the job without getting caught.

I dont need to do it personally.”

This is one of the charms of having power.

It was also why Yun Xi wanted to become strong and invincible.

As long as she was strong enough, she could do what she once had thought was impossible.

Just as Mu Feichi had said, she can only have everything go her way when she was strong enough.

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