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Chapter 1197: Jealous of Great White

It was the beginning of autumn in Jingdu.

Since Mu Mansion was at the top of the mountain, it was usually colder than the area below.

The temperature got very cold at night, but Yun Xi had not brought any warm clothing with her yet.

Fortunately, the mansion was well heated, so it was nice and warm when she entered.

As Mu Feichi came out of his study, he heard Yun Xi playing with Great White and he went to see her.

Yun Xi had looked really unhappy when shed left her house that afternoon.

Now, as he looked over the banister of the stairs, he finally could see a smile on her face.

Mu Feichi didnt like to see her suffer so much because of her family.

He felt that whatever her parents wanted, they could get it with just a word from him.

If he took care of their desires like that, she would be hurting less.

However, Yun Xi didnt want to rely on him so much.

All these issues were family matters, and he was still an outsider after all.

Thus, if she wasnt willing for him to help her parents, he wouldnt force it.

Mu Feichi went along with whatever she wanted.

And he still felt quite good about it, realizing how she had her heartless parents wrapped around her finger.

It wasnt that she was incapable in any way or unable to do whatever it took to achieve her goals.

But, at the end of the day, she just really cared about his reputation.

Yun Xi wanted to be with him and marry him.

So she also doesnt want to get a bad reputation, because then he would suffer because of her.

So now she would rather suffer by herself than let him get humiliated because of her weird parents.

It wasnt that he didnt know what was on her mind.

On the contrary, he knew her very well, so well that this was why his heart ached so much for her.

If they continued to torment her, however, he would make arrangements to force her to be cruel and cut off all ties with her family.

It really doesnt matter if she no longer has a family.

With such parents, it doesnt even feel like a real home or a real family.

And at the end of the day, Yun Xi can be with him, and they can form a new family together.

Mu Feichi gave a small sigh as he walked down the stairs.

His slippers made soft clicking sounds on the floorboards.

Hearing the sound, Yun Xi looked up at the man walking toward her.

Great White jumped on her when she was not paying attention, and she fell backward onto the wool carpet.

“Great White, thats a foul! You jumped on me while I wasnt paying attention.

Youre so naughty.” Great White pinned her down on the carpet and rubbed his head on her neck affectionately.

Seeing how intimate Yun Xi and Great White were, Mu Feichis face darkened immediately.

Leaning forward, he pushed Great White away from Yun Xi.

He then leaned over Yun Xi, placing his hands on both sides of her body, and occupying the position that Great White had been in previously.

Unwilling to give up his spot, Great White used his head to push against Mu Feichis back.

The jealous man turned and glared at Great White.

“How dare you take advantage of my woman”

Great White looked up and started whimpering at Mu Feichi.

He looked so sad and hurt, as if someone had taken his toys away.

Mu Feichi pushed on Great Whites head.

“Go play by yourself.

Youre not allowed to get so close to her again.”

Great White took a step back reluctantly.

He then lay down on the floor, looking at his master taking over his spot next to Yun Xi.

Lying there, Yun Xi started laughing at the two of them.

Then, when Mu Feichi turned around and was about to lean in closer, she suddenly bent her knees and pressed them against his chest to prevent him from moving forward.

“Dont try to take advantage of me either.

Help me get up, please.”

Mu Feichi grabbed Yun Xis ankles and pulled her legs out.

He then leaned over her, filling the space between her legs.

“No, I am not getting up.

We can talk in this position.”

Mu Feichi inched in toward her face.

He kissed her a few times on her cheeks as if trying to establish his superiority as a man.

“Sir, are you not scared of getting Great Whites saliva in your mouth”

“I only know that I am kissing my girl.

I dont care about anything else.

Anyway, how could you dare to let him kiss you here”

After finishing his sentence, he kissed her directly on her soft pink lips..

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