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Chapter 1198: Bad Kissing

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In terms of strength, there has always been a gap between men and women.

So no matter how fast Yun Xi can react, she will never be faster than a professionally trained special forces soldier like Mu Feichi.

Before she could kick him, Mu Feichi had already kissed her straight on the lips, giving her no option to escape.

The mans heated breath hit her face, and his hot lips carried a familiar scent.

His nimble tongue parted her teeth and snaked into her mouth, kissing her without restraint.

There was an overpowering and strong air around him.

He was like a king who didnt allow her to resist at all.

It took a long while before Mu Feichi let go of her, and then he looked down at her fair face and rosy cheeks.

They looked just like blooming peach blossoms, so adorable that he wanted to kiss her some more.

Slightly out of breath, Yun Xi glared at him sulkily.

“Thats bad kissing.

I am giving a bad review.”

“Babe, I should be the one saying that.

You stole my lines.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows playfully.

Then he chuckled as he leaned in toward Yun Xi again.

“Since you said that I have bad kissing skills, lets continue practicing.”

“All right, I was wrong.

Just help me up.”

Provoking him would only get her trapped further, and shes not that stupid!

Mu Feichi smirked as he helped her up.

He then took the file hed thrown on the sofa.

“Baifan faxed this to me, and its the information you wanted about the Han Corporation.

Take a look when you have time.”

Yun Xi took the file and started reading the details.

She had attended one of the Han Corporations board meetings in her previous life, so she roughly knew how they went.

But in order to not make any mistakes, she knew that she should still read about it to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

“You really intend to attend the board meeting personally Suppose you were to attend the meeting in your current status and show them the number of shares in your hands.

In that case, it is equivalent to declaring war against Han Yaotian and the Han Corporation.”

Yun Xi closed the file and sneered.

“Han Yaotian should have expected this when Han Hongbin tried to kill me.

Also, since Han Hongbin has been detained, Han Yaotian did not even apologize to me.

He even said it was just a misunderstanding.

Since he likes to deceive himself and the others so much, he can continue doing that.

I will not stop doing what I want to do.”

Being on the board of directors was only part of her plan.

Whether she could destroy the Han Corporation or not, the corporations acquisition would happen.

Acquiring the company that she used to do everything for and changing its name to the Mu Corporation would definitely be an event worth celebrating.

“All right.

Choose someone to go with you and also bring along a lawyer so that those old fellows wont be able to bully you.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She doesnt intend to bring Gu Baifan along to the board meeting.

If Gu Baifan were to go with her, it would be just like Mu Feichi being there with her.

The current circumstances in Jingdu remained unclear.

She still needed to take precautions about many things, so revealing her identity now would only give the game away.

Those cunning old men were always moving in the dark to harm her, and it was almost impossible to guard against them.

“The socialite ball is happening soon.

Given the Han familys current predicament, Han Wanling will definitely not want to miss the ball this year.

So you must be careful.”

“I am not afraid of her.

If she wants to plot something against me, I have all the means to fight back.” Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slyly.

“No matter how bad the situation gets, theres still Han Qin.

Shes a good weapon, so it would be a waste if I didnt make good use of her.”

Mu Feichi smiled and pinched her delicate face softly.

“I have certainly taught you well.

Han Qin is also on the invitation list for this years ball.

You can just let her fight with her niece, and she will help you eliminate one enemy.

Whoevers more ruthless will be the winner.”

“Theres no doubt that Han Wanling will be better than Han Qin.

But once there is discord between them, there could be more good shows in the future..”

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