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Chapter 1201: Thrill of Revenge

Yun Xi lowered her head to look at herself.

It was probably because her face looked young, but when she wore these clothes, she felt as if she gave off a feeling that she was dressed up for a ball.

She didnt feel that she had the aura of a white-collar worker at all.

“Im dressed like this.

How can I look imposing”

Mu Feichi had been the one who had chosen the outfit.

It was hard to describe his taste.

“Your aura is an internal manifestation.

As long as youre not nervous, the aura that you show on your face will naturally become the presence that will make people fear you.

Mu Feichi counseled her and couldnt help but add a bit more advice: “However, given your age, its hard for you to have the aura of a successful woman.

Since you dont have that yet, then you should look like an heiress.”

With her delicate appearance, she was beautiful and elegant.

Even without makeup, she still looked noble and aristocratic.

As long as she showed the sharp killing intent that she usually showed when she dug a hole for others to jump into, it would not be a problem to intimidate those old foxes.

“If youre really worried, why dont I go with you”

“Are you kidding me I dont want those old foxes to target you.

I can handle it.”

In her previous life, she had attended this board meeting before.

The reason why she was so nervous was that she was dying to see how Han Yaotian would react when he saw her.

No matter how much hatred or anger she felt toward him, she hoped his reaction would be enough to satisfy her.

The pleasure of revenge was enough to keep her going.

She wasnt in the habit of being late, but Mu Feichi had reminded her not to go too early, so she had followed his advice and slowed down.

Coupled with the traffic jam, she was late by half an hour.

When Yun Xi stood at the entrance to the conference room, she could not help but raise her eyes to look at the closed glass door before her.

Compared to the large and spacious conference room that had been renovated in her previous life, this small conference room seemed a little dated.

Memories from her previous life came flooding back.

She slowly closed her eyes and opened them again.

The icy sharpness in her eyes shot out.

When Yun Xi looked up again, she was no longer as anxious as she had been when she first came.

The polite smile on her young face was now full of confidence.

The lawyer knocked on the door before pushing it open and inviting her in.

There was a moment of silence in the conference room as they heard the door open.

Everyone turned to look at the figure who walked in.

The shareholders were stunned when they saw such a cute young girl.

They looked at each other in confusion.

When they saw her, Han Wanling and Han Yaotian subconsciously stood up from their chairs, unable to conceal their shock as they looked at Yun Xi, who walked to the empty seat on the left.

“Why are you here What are you doing here”

Han Wanling was the first to return to her senses.

Her resentful eyes stared at Yun Xis body.

When she saw her confident and sparkling appearance, her heart could not help but thump.

The corners of Yun Xis lips twitched as she took the stack of folders that the lawyer was carrying.

“Chairman Zhang and Chairman Zhao have already transferred their shares to me.

I now hold 35 percent of the shares, which is 2 percent higher than any of the other shareholders here.

I should be considered a major shareholder of the Han Corporation.”

“Its impossible!” Han Wanling rushed forward and snatched the folder from Yun Xis hands.

She gritted her teeth.

“How could Chairman Zhang and Chairman Zhao sell their shares to you”

“This is the share transfer agreement.

Take a look if you dont believe me.”

Yun Xi raised her hand and handed a copy to Han Wanling.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Han Yaotian, who was standing in front of the main seat.

Having lived two lives, she had once stood in the same position and looked at him with an almost worshipful gaze.

In this life, there was no longer any admiration in her eyes when she looked at him.

There was only the thrill of revenge..

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