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Chapter 1203: My Gift to You

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He had never dared to think of snatching the Young Commanders woman away from him.

If he wanted to get her on his side, he had to make compromises and express his sincerity.

Yun Xi looked away from the shocked expressions of the shareholders and turned to meet Han Yaotians familiar gaze.

She knew his look too well.

In her previous life, when Han Yaotian was determined to get something, he was like this, full of schemes and deep thoughts, but his face still had the expression of a gentleman.

How hypocritical and disgusting!

However, seeing Han Yaotians expression, she felt that this meeting today had been worth coming to.

She knew very well what Han Yaotian had up his sleeve.

Anyway, she did not intend to show respect to anyone here today.

“Ive always been one to seek revenge.

If anyone wants me dead, Ill make them die first.”

As she said this, she turned to look at Han Yaotian and Han Wanling.

Her sharp eyes were filled with a deep coldness.

“Im sure you understand why Im here today, Chairman Han.”

“Yun Xi…” Han Yaotian felt chills run down his spine from her calm, cold gaze.

He obviously knew why she was here today.

It was a declaration of war.

She was going to give them trouble!

“My father did do something wrong with the car accident.

I apologize on his behalf…”

Before hed even finished speaking, Yun Xi raised her hand to interrupt his fake apology.

“You dont have to apologize.

Not only will I not accept it, but I also wont forgive someone who wants to kill me.

If people dont attack me, I wont attack them.

Since your father dared to attack me, he should be prepared to bear the consequences.

So, Chairman Han, you dont have to have any doubts that the Han Corporations current crisis is a gift from me.”

“…” The moment she said that, the meeting room, which had just quieted down, erupted again.

Even though Han Yaotian had guessed this, his face still turned pale when he heard her straightforward admission.

The shareholders looked at Yun Xi in shock, pointing and whispering.

They had been worried that their shares were depreciating and didnt want them to depreciate even further, and they had been anxious for more than a week.

They didnt sleep well at night, and they had collectively put pressure on Han Yaotian.

They did not expect the culprit to be someone who was now a shareholder.

The angry shareholders slammed the table and stood up.

They blew their noses and glared angrily.

“Little girl, dont be so arrogant! Since youve already bought the shares of the two board members, why are you still doing this Is this good for you”

“Thats right! If you do this, it will only harm your own interests!”

“Im sure that this was all the Young Commanders idea, right Youre just a young girl.

What capabilities do you have”


The shareholders had initially blamed Han Yaotians incompetence, but now they all unanimously pointed their spears at Yun Xi, the instigator.

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and smiled.

The effect of her bomb was not bad after all.

“I just said that Im a person who will take revenge for what Ive been put through.

I dont care about such small benefits.

I dont have any issue burning money to play.

Furthermore, you guys should be glad that the Young Commander never intended to get involved from the start.

If hed really made a move, do you think you guys would still be sitting at this table and interrogating me so aggressively Im afraid all of you would have had to sit at home and wait for the Han Corporation to go bankrupt and be auctioned off, am I right”

The group of shareholders looked at each other in dismay.

They were so angry that their faces had turned white.

When they looked at Yun Xi, all they saw was a young girl who had a sharp tongue and was worthy of respect.

“Little girl, dont be ungrateful!”

“Dont think that you can do whatever you want just because you have the Young Commander behind you.”


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