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Chapter 1205: Digging Holes for Han Yaotian

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Han Yaotian had been busy dealing with the Han Corporations crisis for more than a week now.

He still had not been able to come up with a good solution.

As soon as the meeting started, he had summarized the various problems that had recently occurred at the Han Corporation.

As he started to discuss these problems, he was thinking that this conversation felt like a trap that Yun Xi had set for him.

He felt as if he had been stabbed in the back by someone.

It was painful and humiliating.

“The most important thing now is to restore confidence in the companys reputation.

I suggest holding a press conference.

We will announce our solutions to each and every one of the problems that the company is facing.

Only by our figuring out solutions will the public see our determination to deal with all of these issues.

“Then, Chairman Han, tell us these solutions to restore the companys reputation…

Yun Xi raised her head from her notebook and looked at Han Yaotian with a half-smile.

Her pretty face looked innocent and tender, but Han Yaotian seemed to see a little devil smiling wickedly at him.

“The problems with the Han Corporation are all problems that have accumulated over the years.

For example, the companys higher-ups are all corrupt.

How are you going to deal with this problem, Chairman Han Are you going to fire the entire group of executives Can you find anyone better to replace them in such a short period of time What if the higher-ups become corrupt again even though you have changed executives Or, what happens if there is a talent shortage Will other companies take this opportunity to plant corporate spies in the company Will you be able to guarantee that this doesnt happen”

Not only had Han Yaotian not come up with a complete solution, but he had opened the way for Yun Xi to raise even more difficult questions.

All these questions made Han Yaotians forehead throb.

Yun Xi, this damn girl, had become his archenemy.

He had already been overwhelmed by these problems.

He was overwhelmed to the extent that he did not feel confident in himself anymore.

Yet now, she was continuing to dig more and more holes for him.

“Recovering the companys reputation is not something that can be done in a short period of time.

If you dont do a thorough job, even if you do 99 good deeds, it could all be for naught because of some small thing you have left out.

Chairman Han, if you cant come up with a comprehensive solution at this time, just say so.

Dont try to whitewash matters.

Do you think everyone is stupid”

As soon as Han Yaotian had opened his mouth, Yun Xi could tell that the Han Corporation had been facing problems for a very long time, and Han Yaotian had not even been able to begin to figure out what to do about them all.

Or, rather, he had had a plan.

Unfortunately, under the pressure of her comments, all his plans had seemed to have gone down the drain.

From the look of it, she had really overestimated Han Yaotians abilities.

In Yun Xis previous life, the Han Corporations crisis had happened a few years later than it had now.

Han Yaotian had had a few more years of training and experience.

He had also been more competent and ruthless when it came to handling business matters.

The current Han Yaotian seemed indeed to be much weaker.

The old foxes present were all wily old foxes, so how could they not tell that he was stalling for time In reality, he had not made a single valid concrete point.

What they wanted was a comprehensive solution and not an illusion such as he was offering.

One of the shareholders slapped the table and reminded Han Yaotian, “Chairman Han, we need a comprehensive solution right now.

If this drags on, who knows what other problems will arise”

He did not forget to glare at Yun Xi when he said this.

Yun Xi acted as if she did not see anything.

The corners of her lips twitched slightly, waiting for Han Yaotian to be pressured into producing a plan.

Even if he could not produce a viable plan, he would sacrifice some of his benefits to assure everyone of his sincerity.

He would first appease the shareholders and then think of a way to deal with the crisis..

Otherwise, the meeting would not end well.

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