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Chapter 12: Human Will Cannot Win Against Fate

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As for Chen Lixue She had ended up marrying Liang Xiuqings loser of an older brother and had huddled up in a desolate, rural area for half her life.

Even though she had become a lady of the village, she still fell terribly short when compared to Liang Xiuqin!

She hadnt expected fate to favor her.

Liang Xiuqins firstborn had been a girl, and as soon as shed been born, the fortune teller had claimed that this daughter would bring bad luck to the entire family and was a star of death.

Apparently, this daughter had cursed Liang Xiuqin so that she wouldnt be able to carry her second-born son to term!

Liang Xiuqin deserved the rotten luck.

She wouldnt have been facing all this trouble if she hadnt stolen from Chen Lixue all those years ago!

But she had never expected Liang Xiuqin the b*tch to actually deliver that star of death to their own home!

Not only had this daughter cursed the Yuns, but now, she was here to bring bad luck to their own family! How could Chen Lixue swallow this injustice!

Shed endured it all these years.

If it hadnt been for Liang Xiuqin, she would have been the wife of the Deputy right now.

Her daughters would all have been rich heiresses!

Now, she was merely taking back the things that belonged to her!

Chen Lixue had calculated all this perfectly, but she had never expected that human will couldnt win against fate!

Not only had Yun Xi survived, but she was also returning at a time like this!

Not only had she returned, but now the entire village was at her door!

Chen Lixue was feeling a bit guilty in front of all these villagers, so she quickly shut the door with the back of her hand.

She was terrified that her own husband would be drawn outside by the noise.

Yun Xi instantly noticed her sly trick and quickly understood what was happening.

Raising her voice, she shouted at the house, “Uncle, Im back!”

Chen Lixue was shocked.

She rushed over to grab Yun Xi and slapped her hard on the back.

“What are you shouting for Your uncle returned home very late last night.

Cant you let him rest properly!”

When Chen Lixues palm had hit Yun Xis back, it had increased the pain on her back where it had already been bruised from the fall.

She hadnt dodged since she had already noticed her uncle standing behind the door and preparing to open it.

Her uncle had always treated her well, and if she didnt give an authentic performance, it would truly disappoint the huge audience who had come all this way to see the show.

Yun Xi had been too weak in her previous life and had always endured things when she had been living under someone elses roof.

This lifetime, she would stab anyone who dared to step on her!

Liang Weimin had already prepared to step outside when hed heard the commotion outside.

When he heard his nieces voice, he quickly opened the door and stepped out.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw his wife lay her hand on Yun Xi once again.

His expression darkened as he quickly ran over to pull her away.

“What are you doing! How many times have I told you that you are not allowed to lay your hand on Little Xi! Are you ignoring my words now!”

Liang Weimin was the Principal of Yang Village.

It was also because he had become Principal and gained a bit of prestige that there had been an increasing number of villagers knocking on his door to ask for help.

Chen Lixue had reaped many benefits behind his back from this.

The couple had fought about this matter every day, and Chen Lixue had always vented her frustrations on Yun Xi after these quarrels

Liang Weimin had wanted to be a righteous person while also protecting his niece, but unfortunately, Chen Lixue had brought him nothing but trouble!

After being pulled aside by her uncle, Yun Xi hid behind Weimin and raised her hand to wipe her tears at the perfect opportunity.

She had already removed the gauze wrapped around her arms on the way here, so the frightening wounds on her arms were apparent as soon as she raised her arms.

“Yun Xi, you…”

Liang Weimin hadnt even begun to ask her what had happened when he turned around to see her heavily injured arms.

His expression instantly fell.

“What happened to your arms What on Earth happened to you Didnt you return to Jingdu”

Liang Weimin finally noticed her tattered appearance; all her clothes had been ripped.

“Uncle…” In both lifetimes, she considered her uncle to be even closer to her than her father.

In her previous life, her biological father, Yun Yuanfeng, had pushed her to rich businessmen over and over again.

In order to secure a smooth path for a bright future, he had even drugged her and sent her to those mens beds.

In her memories, her uncle had been the only person to have truly loved her.

After having been reborn again, she looked at the uncle who had raised her into adulthood.

Her grievances and unwillingness from both lifetimes surged up, and she could no longer hold herself back from crying out loud.

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