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Chapter 1209: The Plots Thicken

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Han Yaotian and Han Wanling remained in the meeting room when the meeting wrapped up.

However, although the two remained in their seats, no one made a move for a long time.

Yun Xis appearance and her actions in the meeting had applied a massive mountainous pressure on their heads.

They had no idea when the pressure would be lifted, and that thought was enough to make them feel as if they could collapse beneath it.

“What now She has the Young Commander at her back, so whatever we do will be futile.”

The man of her dreams had sided with Yun Xi.

Han Wanling could not help the overflowing jealousy and hatred in her heart.

The man was supposed to be hers.

But now all that shed felt was rightfully hers had been given to someone of a lowly status like Yun Xi.

This was a pill Han Wanling could not swallow.

This hatred brewed a thunderous storm in her heart, and Han Wanlings expression immediately twisted into a fearsome one.

However, if the current crisis remained unresolved, all that awaited them was bankruptcy.

When that happened, she would be nothing and it would be impossible for her to compete with Yun Xi.

“Lets protect the Han family first.

I know the Young Commander would not easily upset the balance of power among the four wealthiest families.

We still have time.

Im only worried that Yun Xi has more planned, and we might not see it coming.”

Taking a pause, Han Yaotian turned to Han Wanling and asked, “Dont you have someone watching her What happened to that”

She had relied on Han Zhongteng as her source of knowledge about the country during the year that she had spent out of the country.

They knew about Han Zhongtengs recent business as well, but the two did not make a move against him as they doubted that he would be a potential threat.

Han Wanling huffed coldly and did not say another word.

This was enough for Han Yaotian to know that her pawn had failed her, and Yun Xi must be more cautious about her movements and schemes than they had expected her to be.

“I will find a way to handle Yun Xi.” Han Wanling stood up defiantly.

She had finally understood why her father had been determined to eliminate Yun Xi.

If the Young Commander had been willing to give her such a large sum of money for her to play around with, he would be willing to do anything for her.

Their relationship must have transcended one between acquaintances.

This realization presented an opportunity to Han Wanling, albeit a dangerous and high-risk one.

If only Crocodile had evaded his arrest, Han Wanling could still have had some more use for him.

It was a shame that he was behind bars at the moment.

“Dont mess around! If you offend the Young Commander again, we will be in waters too deep to get out of.”

“I know, I know.

I wont do it myself.” Han Wanling commented and hurriedly exited the meeting room.

The Qiao family had been enjoying rising popularity of late.

Not only had they snatched the Han familys business, but they have also been imposing sanctions on Han Wanling herself.

Han Wanling saw no reason to hold back against them.

If she used the Qiao family as her pawn, the Young Commander would not have evidence to pin the responsibility on the Han family and would instead only target the Qiao family.

It would be like killing two birds with one stone if she could land the Qiao family in trouble and have them carry the responsibility for destroying Yun Xi.

The thought of being able to get back at Yun Xi by using the Qiao family brought instant relief to Han Wanling.

Even her feet felt lighter as she marched on.

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On the drive back from the Han Corporation, Yun Xi had asked the driver to head directly to Tianyu Mountain.

What had transpired in the Han Corporation today could be excused as Yun Xi representing Mu Feichi and so Mu Feichi had been given a part of the blame as well.

Yun Xi felt responsible, and she needed to give him a proper settlement.

He had given her such a large sum of money after all.

Even if it did not matter to him, she should give him a breakdown of today.

Back in Mu Mansion, Yun Xi approached the figure playing with Great White in the living room with a box of food in her hands.

“Im home, Young Commander.”

At the sight of Yun Xi, Great White ran over to her.

His tail wiggled as he sought attention from Yun Xi.

The Young Commander looked up, his eyes unreadable as he asked, “How did it go Was it fun being on the board of directors”

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