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Chapter 1211: Watch Out for Han Wanling

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Mu Feichi frowned in concentration as he thought of a proper answer to Yun Xis question.

“You know its an honor for me to clean up your messes.

Others dont get this opportunity.”

Yun Xis character was such that she rarely relied on others, and she really didnt like to have to rely on anyone but herself.

Every time someone helped her with something, she would always make sure to repay them.

However, Mu Feichi was different.

Instead of being worried about returning the favor, Yun Xi was concerned about whether she had brought him any trouble.

Their status was different, and their beliefs were different as well.

“But…” The worries in Yun Xis heart persisted precisely because to her Mu Feichi was not the same as anyone else.

“No buts.

Dont think too much about these trivial things.

Well do what we have to do, and you will always have my support.

Nothing bad is going to happen.”

The confidence he exuded was a great encouragement for Yun Xi.

It gave her the strength to push onward.

“I know youre right.” Nevertheless, Yun Xi believed she had to put more effort into strengthening herself so that she could get closer to matching Mu Feichis pace.

“Han Yaotian will do whatever he thinks he has to do, and you have to be cautious.

However, dont worry too much.

If the older members of the board know you have me, they dont dare to do much to you.

Han Wanling is the one you should watch out for.”

“I agree.” Yun Xi nodded.

“Han Yaotian is overwhelmed right now, but Han Wanling is not.

Shes more than happy to watch us fight and use that as an opening for her to take over the corporation.

But I doubt she will make the move herself.

She always likes to use others as her weapons.”

“And I assume the Qiao family will become this weapon soon.”

Yun Xi nodded in agreement.

Talking to him had untangled the worries that were nagging at her.

“Besides, the Mu Corporation just collaborated with the Qiao family, so I really doubt that they would offend you by doing something to me.

Therefore we can use them to fight the others.”

“Clever as usual.” Mu Feichi lightly tapped her face.

“The Qiao family will fight the Han family, and we will give them more opportunities to expand their business.

When their fight gets deadly serious, the Prime Minister will intervene.

However, even if it seems to have been settled on the surface, they will continue to fight behind the scenes.”

He had truly understood the plans that Yun Xi had made.

Yun Xi smiled at him and gave his face a soft pat.

“You are the real schemer here.

Even if the Han family is pulled into a faction by the Prime Minister, I will make sure they will never have the chance to rise again.”

Once the Han family had fallen, the Qiao family would rush to take the opportunity to rise, so it was not a bad idea to push the Qiao family up for the time being.

The battle between the Qiao family and the Han family would give more time for the Qiao family to rise to the top.

The day following the board meeting, major news outlets in Jingdu reported how the Han family was attempting to clean up their messes and image.

They were holding press conferences, settling issues with officials, and transferring funds to pacify the workers.

Although it seemed like a obvious strategy, Yun Xi could feel that it was not the best move he should have made.

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Then the Han family made concerted efforts to suppress the Qiao family.

They moved fast and struck hard.

It only took a few days for the projects the Qiao family had gotten from the Mu Corporation to take a hard hit.

Particularly Qiao Lixins ongoing project with the mayor for the construction of the city hall.

Repeated accidents had occurred in quick succession, causing the death of two workers, which had angered the mayor.

Back at Tianyu Mountain, as part of Yun Xis strength training, Mu Feichi had arranged for men to set up a rock climbing wall in front of Mu Mansion.

At the moment, he was spotting Yun Xi as she scaled the wall.

Qi Yuan came just as Yun Xi had reached the top of the rock wall.

Her hands had gone numb, and she slipped off directly into the arms of Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi instinctively lifted her body and balanced Yun Xi carefully in his embrace.

Then he turned to Qi Yuan and asked, “What is it”

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