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Chapter 1214: For Three Years

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She lifted her eyes up to look at the man who was waiting for her to tie his tie.

She tiptoed over to help him.

Being so close to him, she could smell the faint minty scent that reminded her of grass that was coming from his body.

The steamy atmosphere made her tense up.

Mu Feichi held her wrists and taught her how to put on a tie step by step.

It was not that she didnt know how to do it.

In her previous life, she had specially learned how to tie a tie from a store assistant in order to please Han Yaotian.

Unfortunately, she did not have the chance to use it even once.

However, in such a steamy atmosphere with this man before her today, her mind was suddenly in a knot, and her hands that were holding onto the tie became stiff and practically useless.

She cleared her throat and found a topic to ease the awkward atmosphere in the dressing room.

“Is todays emergency board meeting being held to address the two construction accidents Have you thought of a plan”

“I dont need to worry about countermeasures.

Baifan will make all the necessary arrangements without me to deal with this.”

As if he was afraid that she would think too much about this, Mu Feichi raised his hand and patted her head.

“Dont worry, this small disturbance is not going to be a big problem for the Mu Corporation.”

“Its impossible for me to not do anything when Han Yaotian attacks the Mu Corporation.” She paused for a moment and looked up.

Her cold eyes were filled with hatred.

“This time, I will make sure that the Han Corporation will not be able to get back on its feet for three years.

Even if the Prime Minister takes action, it will be useless.

Han Yaotian has crossed my bottom line in messing with the Mu Corporation.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

He knew how determined she was, so he did not interfere too much when it came to dealing with the Han Corporation.

Because, no matter what happened to the Han Corporation, in the end, he would make up for it.

After the tie was finished, she turned around and opened the glass cabinet.

She took out an exquisite diamond collar pin and carefully placed it on the collar of his suit.

The small four-leaf clover was decorated with tiny diamonds that shone brightly.

It added an elegant touch to the dark, conservative suit, enhancing the maturity of the already noble, aristocratic man.

Mu Feichi looked down at the bright collar pin on his suit and was surprised.

“Why havent I seen this collar pin before Did you buy it for me”


I was passing by a store some time ago and saw it in the window, so I went in and bought it.

This is a four-leaf clover.

In Irish folklore, people think that four-leaf clovers bring good luck.

You dont wear suits often, so you can use it when you have the chance.”

This man was outstanding and perfect.

It did not seem like anything would stand out when paired with him.

In fact, there was something different about him.

When he wore the military uniform, he had the might and arrogance of a soldier.

When he wore the suit, it did not diminish his dignity and dominance as a leader.

Turning around, Mu Feichi looked at himself in the mirror.

His gaze inadvertently landed on the four-leaf clover pin on his collar, and his clear eyes became even darker.

A tall, proud figure stood in front of the full-length mirror.

He was wearing a dark suit and a light purple shirt.

The suit fit him perfectly.

After straightening his collar, Mu Feichi looked at the young woman who was standing behind him and sizing him up.

He smiled as he raised his hand and tapped his forehead lightly.

His deep eyes were filled with affection.

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“Its not like you havent seen me in a suit before.

Look at how stunned you are.

Have you lost your mind”

“You are truly shameless!” Yun Xi scoffed and pushed aside the handsome face that leaned over her, not admitting that she was in a stupor because of how wonderful he looked.

“Okay, lets go down and have some breakfast.

If you have nothing to do today, you can study what you need to learn for the socialite ball some more or go to the base for training.

Li Zilan is over there.”

“Okay, I understand.”

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