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Chapter 121: Excuses for Selfishness

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Liang Xiuqin shivered.

Then she raised her head and threw Yun Xi a vicious glare.

Yun Xis decision not to help her in her hour of need had basically cut off Liang Xiuqins only means of escape.

Shed originally thought that because the wretched girl had enjoyed such good relations with the Jiang family and the Chen family, she didnt need to worry too much.

With such a relationship, no matter how big the scandal was, the Jiang family and the Chen family would want to allow the wretched girl to maintain her pride and would let bygones be bygones.

But who could have known that Yun Xi, the wretched girl, wouldnt want to help them.

“You wretched girl, youre still a member of the Yun family.

Now that something bad has happened at home, how can you not help us If youre so useless that you dont want to help with anything, why did you even come back in the first place”

“Mom, werent you the one least in favor of me coming back However, now that you need to use me, you see the advantages of being associated with me”

Yun Xi lifted her eyes a little bit toward her mother, and there was a calm coldness in her eyes.

The smile at the corners of her mouth made Liang Xiuqin feel that her smile was smug and insufferable.

Why should she get all the benefits while they suffered humiliation

In Liang Xiuqins eyes, Yun Xi, a scourge, wasnt worthy of any benefits.

All the good things should only belong to Yun Ziling.

“Were a family, so what do you mean by using you”

“When you framed me at the auction, you werent thinking of us as a family.

You have always been partial to Yun Ziling.

Ive never said anything, but I am also your daughter!”

If her mother had ever showed the slightest bit of affection toward her, she might not have been so ruthless toward her.

Unfortunately, this path had been chosen by her mother on her own.

She had no right to blame Yun Xi for being cruel.

“Thats only because the social connections and reputation that Ziling had built up cant be damaged.

She has a heart disease, so it wont be easy for her to marry someone wealthy or of high standing.

It was you who jinxed her and have made her suffer so much since birth.

As her older sister its only reasonable for you to bear suffering for her.

What was wrong with my partiality”

Liang Xiuqins self-righteous tone made Yun Xi feel that her whole heart had been immersed in ice water.

The coldness in her heart spread all through her body in an instant.

Her mothers shamelessness once again had managed to shock her.

“Shes sick, and you pin the blame on me.

Now shes been caught stealing and you frame me.

You really are a terrible mother.”

“What theft, what framing Its clear that you framed your sister.”

Yun Ziling felt so aggrieved.

She had been really wronged this time, but no one believed her.

“Sister, you obviously framed me, and you stole stuff, so how can you be so cruel Even if you dont like me, you shouldnt frame me like this.”

“You say I framed you, but where is the evidence”

Yun Xi sneered and turned to stare at Liang Xiuqin as her words sunk in.

“Mom, the Longyun Jade Seal belongs to Young Marshal Mus private collection.

No matter how bold I am, I would never have the guts to steal his personal things.

You should be thankful that the Longyun Jade Seal wasnt actually stolen, otherwise the entire Yun family would have suffered greatly ”

Her words served as both a threat and a warning.

Liang Xiuqins heart leapt into her throat and started beating wildly.

She clenched her fists tightly and she blinked nervously.

Her face was full of anxiety.

“I dont know what youre talking about.

Dont make excuses for your own selfishness.”

“Mom, Young Marshal Mu became the head of the Mu family at a young age.

All the security personnel at the auction tonight were his personal subordinates.

Im afraid that he is in control of the entire Jingdu, not simply the auction.

I heard that Young Marshal Mu never attends these kinds of auctions, but he appeared today as an exception.

Why do you think that was”

Liang Xiuqins heart was pounding, practically jumping out of her chest, and she couldnt help but gasp, “Who knows why that is”

For fear of exposing herself, Liang Xiuqin was unwilling to talk about this with Yun Xi any longer, so she continued to use Yun Yuanfeng as an excuse.

“Even if you dont consider thinking about the Yun family, you still should think about your fathers future.

Now is the most critical time for him to get promoted.”

“Mom, when you did such a thing, you probably didnt think about how it would affect Dad either, right Since you are so keen to discredit Dad, no matter how many connections I have, they probably will never be enough.”

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