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Chapter 1217: People You Trust

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After the board meeting ended, Mu Feichi sat in his chair and casually flipped through the pile of documents that Gu Baifan had sent over.

He had no intention of leaving yet.

Even though the other directors had heard him say that the meeting was over, they did not dare to leave because he was still there.

Gu Baifan sat on his right side.

As he put away the documents that he had signed, he absorbed the supplementary instructions and opinions of the documents and noted them.

It was rare for Mu Feichi to come to the company.

Usually, he would only attend the monthly board meeting.

Gu Baifan handled most of the other matters.

If it hadnt been an urgent matter, Gu Baifan wouldnt have piled up so many documents for him to deal with.

There were many things to do, and the directors were worried that they had missed out on something important, so they waiting and didnt dare leave.

When Mu Feichi was finished with the last document, he raised his head and saw a group of people still sitting in the conference room.

The pen in his hand paused, and his dark eyes twitched.

“What, do you have anything else to say to me Or are you not satisfied with my decisions”

The directors looked at each other in dismay.

The Mu Corporations reputation had been damaged due to the two engineering accidents.

Gu Baifans decision had been approved by Mu Feichi, the CEO of the company.

How could they have any objections

As the CEO, he was usually not there, but Gu Baifan was different.

He was the one in charge.

Offending him was tantamount to making trouble for oneself.

“No…no problems.

We just saw that you hadnt left yet, so we thought you had other instructions…”

“Yes, yes!”


Gu Baifan held back his laughter as he looked at the group of directors.

They were so shocked by Mu Feichis words that they did not even dare to breathe loudly.

As expected, the CEO was more than capable of intimidating these sly old foxes.

He knew that the Young Commander was standing up for him.

After all, this man had always been protective of the people under him.

He wouldnt let anyone who was loyal to him down.

This bunch of sly old foxes on the board of directors only cared about the benefits they received.

When something happened, they would gang up and bully him.

However, in front of the Young Commander, they were all paper tigers.

After a few words from him, they all wilted.

“If you have no objections, then you can go.

I still have things to discuss with Baifan, so I wont make you guys stay and eat packed lunch with us.”


heh…then well leave now.”

The group of directors dispersed, leaving only Mu Feichi and Gu Baifan in the large conference room.

Gu Baifan gave the man sitting in the chair at the head of the table a thumbs-up.

“Boss, youre the best.

If you hadnt come today, these old foxes would have eaten me up.”

Mu Feichi glanced at him and curled his lips into a sneer.

“Arent you afraid of overcoming the master with your achievements Arent you afraid of overusing the power in your hands and stealing my limelight as the person in charge Ive said it before.

When Im not around, youre the person in charge of the company.

You dont have to care about what they think.

The person who can bring them more benefits is not me, but you.”

He had always trusted the people who worked for him, and since he had chosen to be a soldier, the identity of the companys CEO was not important to him.

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Especially now that even his little peach blossom had chosen to side with him.

He was only fulfilling his duty as the leader of the Mu Corporation.

He couldnt care less about anything else, and all his power had been given to Gu Baifan.

Those old guys only needed to think for a moment to understand that the person who truly controlled the big picture and power was not Mu Feichi, but Gu Baifan, the deacon who was above everyone else.

“Thank you for your trust, Young Commander…”

He trusted him without any doubts.

When he was at his prime, he had practically handed over the entire Mu Corporations future to him..

He was treading on thin ice and did not dare to make the slightest mistake, afraid that he would let him down.

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