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Chapter 1219: Obvious Intentions

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At the university, Yun Xi had just come out of the laboratory when she saw Qiao Ximin waiting outside.

She seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

Although Qiao Ximins reputation had been tarnished by the incident at the art exhibition, it had not stopped her from being attractive to the opposite sex.

At this time, she was surrounded by a group of boys who had all come over to strike up a conversation with her.

Qiao Ximin seemed to enjoy being surrounded by people.

As she waited for Yun Xi, she chatted with the young men circling her.

Yun Xi stood at the entrance of the corridor and looked at the figure sitting on a chair under the tree.

Yun Xi knew exactly why she had appeared there.

If something went wrong with the project in Qiao Lixins hands, the Qiao family would definitely look for Mu Feichi to discuss countermeasures and follow-up plans.

Qiao Ximin was smart enough to grasp this opportunity to snatch the project away from Qiao Lixin.

Once the mayors project fell into her hands, not only would she be able to gain a foothold in the Qiao Corporation, but she would also be able to get close to Mu Feichi under the guise of discussing this incident.

No matter what, this was a good opportunity for her.

She would not waste it.

There was only one reason why she was not at the Mu Corporation to see Mu Feichi.

That tyrant Mu Feichi didnt take her seriously at all.

She hadnt been able to even see Gu Baifan, let alone Mu Feichi.

If she had really met Gu Baifan, she would probably have had no reason to appear here.

“Yun Xi, has your class ended” A boy in the crowd noticed her coming out of the corridor and called to her from afar.

Yun Xi recognized him.

He was a senior who was a year older than she was and also from the medical faculty.

“Hello.” Yun Xi smiled at him politely and turned to look at Qiao Ximin, who had stood up and was walking toward her.

In terms of acting, Qiao Ximin should really get an Oscar.

“Yun Xi, I have something I need to talk to you about.

Do you have a minute”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and chuckled.

“May I ask why you are looking for me”

Qiao Ximin looked at the boys around her and smiled gently at them.

She pouted.

“Do you guys have to listen to us girls whispering”

The boys looked at each other and smiled before leaving.

After they had left, Qiao Ximin walked forward and stared at Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, I need your help with something.

If we have had any misunderstandings before…”

“What misunderstanding can there have been between us” Yun Xi smiled teasingly, her bright eyes shining brightly.

“I heard that the Qiao Corporation and the Mu Corporations collaboration project was involved in an accident.

Why arent you helping to solve the problem Are you looking for me because you want to see the Young Commander”

“Yes, I know you can arrange for me to meet the Young Commander.

Things are a little urgent.

Can you help me arrange a meeting with the Young Commander I want to talk to him about how to handle this incident.”

“You should know that at times like this the Young Commander rarely handles things personally, right If you want to look for someone, you should look for the person in charge of this project from the Mu Corporation.

Whats the use of looking for the Young Commander I remember that it was Qiao Lixin who was the one who had discussed this project with the Young Commander.

Why is it in your hands now”

It was indeed useless to look for Mu Feichi because he was only involved in the original decision-making of this project and was not responsible for what happened after that.

If she wanted to look for someone, she should be looking for Gu Baifan.

Qiao Ximins intentions were so obvious that Yun Xi didnt even need to use her brains to guess what she was up to.

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“Errrr… Qiao Lixin was responsible when the accident occurred, so I took over.

Im in charge now.”

This was what Yun Xi had been waiting for.

“Since youre the person in charge now, it should be easy for you to meet the person in charge of this project at the Mu Corporation.

Cant you just give him a call The person in charge can handle this matter with full authority..

Theres no need to alarm the Young Commander.

If the Young Commander had to spend his life handling such small matters, wouldnt he die of exhaustion”

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